Top 110 Travel Tips After The Coronavirus

Are you itching to travel after the COVID-19 Coronavirus emergency is over?  We asked you guys, the Travel Addicts Experts, “What are your Top Travel Tips after the Coronavirus”?

Here’s what the experts had to say!

Susan Lawrence discusses travel post covid-19

Visit the same coffee shop 2 or 3 days in a row at the same time of day, there is nothing like servers recognizing you and being happy to see you… and if you leave them a Euro for being kind, even better!

Visit a grocery store just to browse and see what’s different. And yes, indeed, in Europe eggs are kept on a shelf not in the refrigerated section as they are not “washed” before sold to the public as we do in North America! Suggestion: in your checked luggage, bring a few plastic plates/cutlery / serrated knife for bread and find a snack or dinner and have a picnic in the room.

Always have proper travel insurance. We are finding out now, it is worth the money if you need it; we’re hoping you don’t need to use it, but coronavirus has changed the face of travel.

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Lovro Poljak has a tip for travel after the coronavirus

As only constant is a change, therefore traveling has also changed so here are few Travel Tips After The Coronavirus. Safety is one of the key issues in quality assurance in tourism so the success or failure of the tourism sector depends on how well each destination is able to provide a safe environment for its visitors.

Understand the possibility of main security threats in the country you are traveling to. Use travel risk assessment apps to help you take responsibility for our own safety, do a research before trip and make your plan. Check health tips from your national public health organization or Ministry of Foreign Affair. Get travel insurance. ALWAYS be sure what health care services your health insurance covers, ask about medical care availability in the country you are visiting. Use your common sense. When you know you’ve done everything you can to make your trip safe and comfortable, relax and enjoy.

If you are accidentally quarantined, locked down in isolation under social distancing measures due to pandemic, try to make yourself cosy introspective time and don’t panic. If you’re in above mentioned situation and in same time experience magnitude 5.5 earthquake, #VisitZagreb.

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Ricardo Pendrelico Offering Travel tips after the coronavirus

After the Coronavirus has passed, initially and safely do tourism in your country of origin, help local entities and businesses, as they were one of the most significantly affected! After that, I suggest you explore the world as you know and well wish because life is meant to be lived intensely, and part of that was taken away from us for some time.

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Ankur Babu

“Visit the places in your own native country first and help the tourism sector (people) getting back on track”.

People mostly prefer foreign lands to travel. Often, when planning travels, we forget that there are many ideal and beautiful places in our own country which we could visit. Due to the Coronavirus, every country has lost jobs, and the economy is being pushed backward. One of the most affected are the poor people whose livelihood (and lives) depends on travelers and tourists like us. By visiting these places, we could really support and help them. This is also a chance to do something more for your motherland.

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Dudley Johnson suggests reading a good book after covid-19

Get lost in a great book! The perfect activity for our long staycation or post virus – when flying or on a cruise.

So, if you like historical romance, family drama, women’s empowerment, not to mention sizzling sex scenes, I wrote two books just for you!

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Hannah Harrel offering tips on traveling after the coronavirus pandemic

Don’t forget to truly enjoy the moment. COVID-19 brought our travel plans – opportunities that we may have previously taken for granted – to a screeching halt. Once this pandemic has subsided, we need to travel to support local industries, travel bloggers, photographers, and ourselves. Still, we also need to live in the moment and reflect on how fortunate we are to be able to explore the world again. Yes, photos are inspiring, Instagram posts bring revenue, blogs, and vlogs share stories. Still, nothing will ever replace the feeling of standing atop a mountain among the clouds or walking next to the beach as powerful waves crash into the sand. So, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment, put the camera down, turn off the phone, forget about how to turn the sight into a story, and absorb what we have all been deprived of for so long.

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Chew Kai Soo Iise - Visit the Lost Paradise Resort after covid-19

Support a non-profit school for special needs students while living in a tropical paradise. This is precisely what you experience when you venture into the Lost Paradise Resort, Penang Island, in Malaysia. It’s a resort with a cause.

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Richard And Zachary

Find volunteer opportunities in the hardest-hit communities and incorporate them into your next trip. With the reality that the world has come together in this global pandemic, we realize how small our global society is. Go to and find a social group that has a meet up at a restaurant or bar and get to know some locals at your next destination. We all have one thing in-common now for sure!

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Florentina Jianu

Enjoy a few days in nature, away from rush and stress. Pack only essential things. Explore the beautiful outdoors. For example, hike, bike, climb and make a good evening BBQ too. Recharge yourself in nature!

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Diana Bartolome

Be especially careful with scams. For example, the Coronavirus outbreak will leave many people living on tourism in an awful economic situation. In these cases, the survival instinct, coupled with unscrupulousness, will lead to an increase in scams and/or robberies. Apply common sense every time you go to pay something and be very careful with your belongings.

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Yashu Sangwan Phogat offers tips post coronavirus for travel

My top advice to travelers post coronavirus is they should pay attention to their sanitary and hygiene concerns. Keep a sanitizer that must be used every 20-30 minutes to ensure proper health. Also, book your accommodations in hotels that claim “sanitized” stay. Be responsible for your food and cleanliness of nature while heading to any travel destination. Avoid crowded places, for example, long queues for the foreseeable future.

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After the coronavirus, travel with caution!

Sheikh & Durre

The best travel tip after the coronavirus is PRECAUTION, yes it may sound OF COURSE, but it’s imperative, that when you travel keep this in mind:

1- Search whether your destination or the country you are visiting from/to both have no issues with Corona status, and flights are up and running. A best practice is to contact the Ministry of Travel or official teams instead of agency etc.

2- Make sure, once you reach your destination, you keep self-isolation by keeping distance with people and keep your self hygienic as much as possible.

3- Last but not least, get all the booking refundable in any case.
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David Henderson offers tips for when travel bounces back

When travel bounces back, I believe every traveler should insist on having a direct channel of communications with their Operator. It should be the moral duty of your Operator to provide a free App to Live Chat, with them, at any point from leaving home to returning home. These Apps do exist!

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Arpit Gupta talks about transportation tips when traveling in Asia after coronavirus

If you are traveling in Asian countries, then try to use private transport, avoid public transportation. Avoid street food and minimum usage of tap water, not even for brushing the teeth and also avoid drinks that contain ice. Travel to places that are less affected by COVID-19. Try to choose places where your journey can be financially beneficial for that country, places like Georgia (Tbilisi).

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amy brooks suggesting traveling to a national park after covid-19

To remind yourself how much more of this world you must explore, use your post-quarantine freedom to travel somewhere NEW. Visit a National Park to change your focus and calm your soul in the great outdoors while wrapping yourself in nature’s beauty.

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Pam Hoffman suggests after the coronavirus, go for a nice walk

On a clear night, anywhere in the world, you are a short trip away from a most wondrous sight – the night sky! Walk outside, tip your head back, and lookup. Few things are as awe-inspiring as seeing the stars on a good night. It’s always there for you.

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Matt Cassar scuba diving while avoiding covid-19

My best travel tip is to always keep an open mind. Being flexible and ready to change your plans on a moment’s notice will open up the possibilities to have a once-in-a-lifetime spontaneous adventure. Sometimes you have the most fun when you step outside your comfort zone and say yes!

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Stuart Gustafson offers 3 tips on how to survive traveling after the coronavirus

1. Be extra-generous with tips and purchasing. The virus wasn’t your fault, nor was it theirs. Help those who are making your travel enjoyable by helping them to survive, and eventually thrive, financially.
2. Smile, be happy, and don’t talk about “how bad the virus was or how it hurt so many people.” Everyone knows that; focus on positive discussions, such as, “I’m so glad I came here; I’d heard many good things about it, and they are so true!”
3. Share fantastic blog posts, pictures, and videos to social media, even recommending your cab drivers by name, where you had that excellent water-front dinner, where you got the best beach-front massage ever!

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The 5 World Explorers

After 2 years of full-time travel, we always bring with us collapsible eating utensils: dishes, cups, sporks, and a good knife. If you like to cook, consider a few other necessities as well, such as collapsible measuring cups, whisk, peeler, can opener, and more. Ideally, as compact as possible!

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After Covid-19, Stefania Bertaccini suggests visiting Parma Italy, and she will tour you around like a local!

Discover unconventional Italy in the heart of the Food Valley. I’ll show you my favorite spots in Parma, you’ll see all about Parmigiano and Parma ham, we’ll walk around old “Borghi,” we’ll cook Italian dishes. We’ll eat together with my family. You’ll experience Italy not as a tourist but as one of my friends.

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Top Travel Tips After The Coronavirus

Tony Marfella suggests using transferwise to convert money when traveling

Get a Transferwise borderless account or international bank account. It will save you in bank fees during your travels. Also, it rids you of foreign conversion and atm fees. Then, you won’t need to visit a money exchange booth ever again. Moreover, Transferwise is accepted worldwide. It is absolutely a must-have for my worldwide wandering.

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Angela Zade suggests disinfecting wipes when traveling

Bring disinfectant wipes in your pocket or purse when you fly. When you board, wipe down your seat, armrests, seat belt, and tray table before you sit. It may bother the passengers behind you eager to take their positions, but that extra 30 seconds could save your life.

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after the coronavirus, Austin Tuwiner's tip is to travel locally

Start small. For example, travel domestically with a short flight will help support your own country’s efforts to re-establish tourism normalcy. Additionally, you will get a feel for all the changes in air travel security and safety measures. Indeed, you’ll have an idea of what international travel is going to look like before going abroad.

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Caroline Kay warns travelers for offers that are too good to be true

In my opinion, the industry will return sooner than people think and with some great deals on offer. Don’t just focus on the price, look at what else they are offering in the sale. Free meal? One night’s stay? And be sure to stay away from unknown operators and “too good to be true” offers.

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Michelle Steinhardt shares tips on traveling on airplanes after the coronavirus

Continue to be diligent (but not obsessive) about preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. To protect yourself when flying, use alcohol wipes to clean anything people touch (tray table, seat belt, armrest, air vent, etc.). In your hotel room, disinfect the remote control, telephones, door handles, toilet flusher, and sink handles. Stay healthy!

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Alex Santander's tip when traveling after covid-19 is to use an RV

People who want to ease back into traveling would be considering RV travel for the safety and comfort it offers. Travelers can reimagine the way they experience the outdoors through RVs right on the beach, packed with watersports and luxury amenities. RV travel has many benefits and factors people can self-control as far as keeping their own space in a home on wheels, being outdoors while still practicing their social distancing, clean-safe areas for cooking, and more.

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Faye Day's tip is to ask permission when taking photos

Request permission before taking photographs of people, and also beware of taking pictures of police, military establishments or personnel, some airports, and other strategic installations. I was once accosted by police for filming an attractive but innocuous building in Nairobi because it had been the object of a bomb scare.

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OodyMate suggests eating local food

Eat the local food with locals and avoid talking about the Coronavirus. Food, as being one of the best parts of any trip, always tastes better with some close friends. Many good restaurants were forced to close down during the coronavirus crisis. Let’s show our support when they are re-opened.

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After the coronavirus, Will Hatton's tip is to travel to Poland

Visit Poland. More specifically, Krakow! It’s been named ‘Best City Break’ for over 2 years now! The reasons for it are cheap flights, accommodations, and food and drink. What’s more to love already?! Oh, and the weather is pretty great too. With season changes clearly seen, the summers are hot with highs of up to 35 degrees Celsius. Then, in the winter, you can enjoy plenty of snow, so make sure you bring those puffy coats!

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TIP: When traveling, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is…

Eliana-Maria Florica suggests being skeptical

Be skeptical of great travel deals. Once we’ve overcome this pandemic, people will want to start traveling again. Don’t be anxious to book a trip that’s too good to be true. Make sure you research the travel agency before paying an advance o to avoid scams.

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Kimmie Conner's tip is to check travel advisories between countries.

After the coronavirus, make sure there are no travel restrictions INTO, WITHIN, AND OUT OF the country or airport (to your home or next destination). Many people may make the mistake of only checking if they can safely arrive in a country. At the same time, there may be restrictions of movement within certain countries lasting months after the crisis, and many flights out of certain places may be restricted for a while too.

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Tom Gillespie suggests currency conversion

Post COVID-19, my tip is to recommend all travelers and holidaymakers lookout for the best exchange rates when converting their holiday currency. The reason being is that the currency suppliers will become operational at different times and will offer significantly different rates. An app can allow you to find rates easily and at no cost.

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Manny Hernandez suggesting looking for value

Travel will continue after the coronavirus outbreak. The industry will return sooner than you think, and with some really great deals as well so after the pandemic, you should focus on value from any travel deal, don’t hesitate to book if you find a bargain for late Spring or Summer. But don’t focus exclusively on price. Instead, look at the overall value of the deal. Something like complimentary meals, attraction tickets, and so on.

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Nicola Rae talks travel tips after covid-19

After the Coronavirus, you might be on a tighter travel budget than usual. If you want to save money on traveling, try house sitting! As a house sitter, you live in someone else’s home and care for their pets while they are away. You get a free place to stay, and they get free pet care, so everyone wins. House sitting is a great way to save money on accommodation and explore somewhere new.

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Reuben Yonatan offers suggestions about traveling

Maintain the same level of hygiene anytime you travel. Either use sanitizer or ensure that you wash your hands for at least twenty seconds. Coronavirus has revealed that although some viruses are scary, they are avoidable. So, minimize your chance of infection by a similar virus by adhering to the hygiene tips you observed during the pandemic.

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Valerie Streif suggests boating

Get out on the water. Not only is the weather getting warmer, making it an excellent time for boating and water experiences, renting a boat on a trip is a way to see a city away from the crowds. You can isolate yourself on a yacht rental or charter, with just your trusted travel mates at sea.

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Taylor Randolph talks travel tips after the coronavirus

With so many people excited to travel after the Coronavirus, airport parking is going to be very limited. Avoid wasting time searching for a parking spot by booking online before you leave home. Browse the available options, compare prices, read customer reviews, and check security measures to find the best choice for a secure long-term parking spot.

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Maeve Power offers alternatives in the airport

The pandemic is really highlighting how stressful and crowded airports can be. Travelers are in constant contact with a massive amount of people and surfaces, and maintaining a healthy distance is difficult.

I believe staying healthy while on the road will be a top concern when frequent travelers return to travel and to spend your travel downtime hanging around the airport just won’t cut it. Frequent travelers will look for alternatives to sitting in the terminal, and be will be willing to pay for them.

Wellness focused amenities or options such as lounges, gyms, and spas will be in high demand as travelers will want to get away from the busy gate and spend their downtime maintaining their healthy routine.

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Becca Siegel to tip the servers and hotel helpers after the coronavirus is over

Tip your servers, hotel room maids, and tour guides generously after Coronavirus when travel resumes. These are the types of workers who will have lost most of their salaries and livelihoods for the past months when Coronavirus made travel impossible. These are the workers who will most appreciate your generous tips during your post-Coronavirus trip.

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After COVID-19, When You Travel, Look For value

abhishek bade talks travel tips after covid-19

Travel Domestically: Prefer traveling domestically. Take an outlook of the virus in your country and prefer going to states or areas where the virus isn’t prevalent.

Carry all necessary sanitary materials: Make sure to carry essential items like hand sanitizers, N95 Masks, gloves, etc. for your own protection.

Eat only thoroughly cooked meals. Avoid eating raw meat or improperly cooked meat. If possible, avoid all forms of non-vegetarian meals.

Avoid close contact with animals: Make sure you avoid close contact with animals, especially wild animals. If you do come in contact with wild animals, make sure to wash your hands properly afterward. Abhishek Bade.      Instagram twitter website

Ketti Wilhelm talks travel tips after the coronavirus pandemic

Now that we’ve lived through a travel halt due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, some form of life carries on. We can now choose our travel more wisely. Not every workday, meeting, or vacation has to be a trip. We’ve proven that we can cut down on the kinds of travel that make us busier and have environmental consequences but don’t enrich our lives. It’s a huge opportunity to treat traveling as it matters again.

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Ashleigh Rudolph talks about taking a road trip after the coronavirus

Take a road trip: If we’ve learned anything about the Coronavirus lockdown, it’s to enjoy the little things. So hop in your car, blast the tunes, and hit the open road. Explore our small towns, national parks, and natural wonders. Take in sunsets, tell stories next to a campfire, and opt for stargazing. Enjoy simplicity.

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Nina Kelly talks travel tips after covid-19

Did you know that over 30 horticultural treasures are within 30 miles in the Greater Philadelphia area? What better time than after our quarantines to explore the hundreds of acres at Longwood Gardens in the Brandywine Valley? Watch fountains dance (Longwood has the most extensive collection of fountains in North America) and wander the four-acre conservatory.

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Kristina Day recommends travel to a yoga retreat after the coronavirus

Travel to a place that will let you nourish the strengths you’ve found in yourself during the crisis. Qualities such as kindness, compassion, gratitude, awareness of what we value in life. A yoga and meditation retreat might be an ideal place to ensure that we don’t simply go back to the way we were before.

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Adyasha Mishra offering Travel Tips Post Covid-19

Before heading outside your country, make sure you do a health check-up. Carry your routine medicines and do your research about the country’s local traditions and weather. Be careful of what you eat. Carry your usual meds. Keep a handwash close by. Dress according to the climate.

Adyasha Mishra.    

Stuart Cooke's travel tip after coronavirus is to use a luggage service

Send your luggage ahead. Using a luggage shipping service helps take the stress and also some time out of traveling as you don’t have to wait at the baggage carousel. Luggage shipping lets you simply send the items you don’t need on the flight ahead so that they are waiting for you at your hotel when you arrive. It’s often a lot cheaper, too, as you will avoid excess baggage fees.

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Lisa Kulpa's tip after coronavirus is to make use of travel points on credit cards

Utilize Credit Card Rewards Points for travel! This will make your travel extremely affordable. Dave & I are “Travel Hackers,” where we utilize our credit card sign up bonuses to get free hotels and flights. In the US, it is a pretty lucrative and worth learning about credit card points. After this Coronavirus runs its course, travel might take a little bit to pick back up, so do your research now of how to earn points and save up for a trip to look forward to in the future!

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Ben McLaughlan talks about traveling after covid-19

Eventually, COVID-19 will pass, borders will re-open, and travel will kick off again. Once traveling is deemed safe, fear of the unknown will once again be an awful reason not to travel. Things may look bleak today, but when this pandemic settles, we should not be afraid to explore the world once again.

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Kathryn Anderson talks travel after the covid-19 coronavirus and offers tips

Be vigilant with your health by continuing to carry hand sanitizer, sanitary wipes, and tissues. We as a society have learned a lot about cleanliness lately, and I recommend we continue this trend, especially as we globe-trot around, sharing tight spaces with others.

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Consider traveling in an RV after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Marc and Julie Bennett suggest traveling in an RV after COVID-19

Rent or buy an RV. An RV allows you to get out and travel to the places you want to go – comfortably and on your own schedule – while maintaining a safe and sanitary environment.

And, if you buy an RV, you can use it for more than just travel. An RV is an excellent option for a separate office, playroom for kids, accommodating guests, or a place for family or friends to stay if they’re sick. You can even equip your RV with solar panels and batteries to make it off-grid capable, and use it to “bug out” for a while.

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Torben Lonne suggests avoiding airplanes after the coronavirus

Avoid taking airplanes at all costs.

If you can get to your destination by train or bus, it’s much better than getting trapped in the same air space with several hundred people for hours at a time. Not to mention avoiding airports, where thousands of people circulate every day from all over the world.

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According to Jovan Milenkovic, his tip is to travel close to home after the coronavirus

I expect that many people will be interested in traveling close to their homes. As a result, international travel will probably be much cheaper, with plenty of deals resembling last-minute offers. Keep an eye on travel fares and find some affordable flights, you’ll probably get a once-in-a-lifetime deal!

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Nicole Ratner suggests booking travel sooner than later

Book in advance and book now! It’s a great time to get excellent deals, and cancellation policies are very fluid. Sit with your family, make a list of where you want to travel in the USA and abroad. Then find some great deals and map it out.

Nicole Ratner.      facebook Instagram website

Shannon Kenny suggests after covid-19 to travel small

Travel slow and small: Forget the big chains and travel 100% with authentic small businesses. Your trip will be more fun, memorable, and rewarding, and you’ll be helping breathe life into the companies that suffered the most during this crisis.

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Mikah Meyer's tip when traveling after the coronavirus is to visit state parks

National Parks are most popular in the Summer, and experiences like rafting the Grand Canyon or in-park lodges are usually booked a year in advance anyway. So take advantage of hotel and outfitter deals during this slowdown to book your Summer 2021 adventures.

Mikah Meyer.       Instagram website

Jamie Bacharach suggests cleaning surfaces when traveling

Clean the arm and headrests on planes, trains, and buses. After the coronavirus pandemic has run its course, it will be essential to be wary of a possible recurrence of the virus as the germs of the virus potentially resurface. Travelers must be sure to clean off all surfaces they encounter when traveling via plane, train, or bus to ensure proper safety.

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Maria Jose Perez

After the Coronavirus, we will be able to go out again and enjoy our right to free transit. But, we will also have to be more conscious of our health and liberties. I would recommend travelers in being more aware of the “Travel Enjoy Respect” Campaign from the United Nations World Tourism Organization. This campaign mentions “Tips for a Responsible Traveller” ( which are:

1. Honor your hosts and our common heritage.
2. Be an informed traveler.
3. Support the local economy: extremely important as whenever we receive guests, not only are they staying at any hotel, they are staying at a hotel that provides jobs to many people in the area.
4. Protect our planet: as an ecological country that we are, we strive to reduce our impact and facilitate this for our travelers.
5. Be a respectful traveler.

María José Pérez.      facebook Instagram youtube website

James Kaiser suggests travel to national parks after the coronavirus

After the coronavirus, visit national parks! When America’s most beautiful parks re-open, they’ll be the best cure for cabin fever. Wide-open spaces and plenty of fresh air. And a drop in international visitors could mean fewer crowds.

James Kaiser.      facebook Instagram website

Danielle Mondus suggests splitting up your stay when traveling in big cities

Split your stay, so you can experience two different neighborhoods in a city. For example, if you visit Chicago, you will visit various restaurants and bars if you stay in Lincoln Park versus staying in Wicker Park. I recommend spending two nights in each neighborhood, so you get to know more about the city.

Danielle Mondus.      facebook Instagram website

After the Coronavirus, Travel Locally

Galena Stavreva's travel tip after the coronavirus is to check the refund policies

If you are not able to travel and your bookings are non-refundable, you should know that many flights and all hotel reservations can be resold to other travelers. You might not get 100% of what you paid, but even getting back half of your money is better than losing all of it!

Galena Stavreva.      facebook twitter website

After the covid-19 coronavirus, Jennifer Spatz suggests when traveling, take a local tour

Tourism will be paramount to help recover, both economically and mentally, from this pandemic, and people will be looking for meaningful trips with a deep connection to people and nature. Take a trip, or day tour, with authentic community service experiences that inspire travelers to take responsibility for the challenges facing our increasingly interconnected planet.

Jennifer Spatz.      facebook Instagram twitter website

Janice S. Lintz suggests leveraging travel points post covid-19

Now is the time to prep for future travel by evaluating your credit card portfolio to see where there are holes for future travel. Either seek out new credit cards with bonuses or call your credit card companies and tell them you are considering closing your credit cards. Are they offering any retention bonuses? This is a fantastic way to earn additional points without a credit pull.

I received 2.7 million+ points in sign-up bonuses alone and traveled to places like Aruba for less than $1,500. I recently stayed at the Park Hyatt Zanzibar using a combination of points plus money to secure a room for about $114 and earned points at the same time.

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Ian Wright suggest going on a dream vacation

My travel tip post Coronavirus is finally going an see that one place you’ve always dreamed about. If nothing else, the pandemic has shown that life can be short. So don’t wait to get out and see the places you’ve always wanted to. Plus, if you act fast, there may be a once in a lifetime deal on flights and hotels, which may mean it’s never been cheaper to go where you’ve only dreamed of.

Ian Wright.      twitter website

Blanca Ojeda suggests sanitizing everything

Naomi Campbell cleaning her airplane seat seemed so over the top before Coronavirus. But wiping down surfaces like the armrest, seatbelt buckle, or screen is an everyday routine for travelers now. Those surfaces aren’t cleaned properly after every flight, although everyone touches them. That’s why disinfecting wipes are now an essential item.

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Betsy Ball suggests travel insurance as a top tip after the coronavirus

Consider buying travel insurance for your trip. Read your policy thoroughly so that you know what it covers and what it doesn’t. Fewer companies offer Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) insurance now, and it’s expensive, but it can be helpful. Make sure you know what you are purchasing.

Betsy Ball.      facebook website

After covid-19, Krista Kowalczyk's tip is to travel off the beaten path

Consider vacation travel to places off the beaten path. Once travel can safely resume, some popular destinations may get large crowds of postponed travelers. Locations like the barrier islands of Southwest Florida boast a quieter travel experience. Islands like Cayo Costa have some of the most picturesque secluded beaches, yet it’s the least visited state park in Florida.

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Pernille Hembre suggests travel locally after the coronavirus

Experience the freedom of van life: Local travel on the road

Head on a road trip, discover local gems, and explore nature. Indie Campers offers customized campervans across Europe with all the supplements you need for a perfect getaway, even in your home country. Feel the freedom of van life, by staying wherever you want and experience unique remote places and local villages.

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Sara Bagget suggests taking a bucket list adventure after covid-19

Plan and virtually explore your bucket list adventures, such as ziplining, which is a healthy outdoor experience for ages 4 to 100 years old! Soar up to 40 or 60 feet off the forest floor as you zipline or climb from tree to tree.

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After the Coronavirus, Your Travel Budget May Be Impacted

jub bryant suggests staying at a hostel

Across the board, the average night per stay at hostels is low. Many of the hostels will struggle through this period and will need all the cash they can get when they’re open for guests again. Where possible, avoid using OTA’s and book directly with the properties, so they don’t need to give up a commission.

Jub Bryant.      twitter website

Ilana Schattauer suggests bringing an emergency kit when traveling after the coronavirus passes

We’ve learned during this time, that it’s essential to prepare for unpredictability when traveling. Bring an emergency travel kit that includes:
– An extra 2-4 weeks worth of prescription medication
– Basic over-the-counter medications
minor first aid items such as bandaids and alcohol wipes
disinfectant wipes, and
– A couple pairs or of disposable latex gloves, just in case.

Ilana Schattauer.      facebook Instagram website

After the coronavirus passes, Anthony Bianco suggests to check your travel insurance to see exactly what it covers

Whenever it’s safe to travel internationally after this coronavirus madness ends, make sure you check everything in your travel insurance policy that you are covered for. I’m pretty sure claims related to a ‘pandemic’ won’t be one of them! Plus, expect more stringent conditions as travel insurers try to reduce their risk profile even further.

Anthony Bianco.      Instagram website

Andy McComb's travel tip after the coronavirus is to check out Maui

Maui has always been a popular tourist destination but take advantage of rock-bottom, summer airfare, and book this idyllic tropical destination. Make it unforgettable by booking a small group boat to snorkel Molokini, one of only three volcanic calderas in the world where visibility often exceeds 100+ feet!

Andy McComb.      Instagram website

Michael Johnson's tip is to travel with your own refillable water bottles

Before walking around any city or place you visit, always look up any buildings, centers, or businesses that have drinking fountains or bottle refill stations. This way, you can refill your water bottle while exploring so you can avoid having to purchase additional water bottles while out and about.

Michael Johnson.      facebook Instagram twitter youtube website

Dr. Mary Travelbest suggests to travel independently and avoid crowds

Independent travel will become a household term, as it’s what we’ve been doing all along.

You don’t need to go on a “group” tour to see a new town or city. Find something that you find interesting and avoid the crowds. Be off the beaten path and discover what makes your heart sing. It may be a stroll on a quiet beach or a visit to a bird sanctuary. But whatever you find, make it your trip and in that it will be unique.

Dr. Mary Travelbest.      facebook Instagram twitter website

Juleen Graham's top travel tip after the coronavirus is to practice safe hygene

After the pandemic, it’s important to remember to continue practicing proper hygiene. It’d suck to have your trip ruined by getting sick, especially when it could have been avoided. Continue washing your hands (or using hand sanitizer if washing is not possible), wipe down tray tables on airplanes, trains, and buses and clean your phones and laptops regularly. Also, remember to sneeze or cough into your elbows or cover with disposable tissue.

Juleen Graham.      facebook Instagram youtube website

Vicky Smith recommends visiting developing countries' communities

Developing countries’ communities have been affected possibly more deeply than our own, often without access to clean water, food, medical supplies, and tourism support stopped. Return and help by staying with sustainable operations that support local health initiatives locally.

Vicky Smith.      facebook Instagram twitter website

Jamie Wilkinson suggest travel insurance after covid-19

When planning a perfect wedding, couples spend so much time and energy (and hard-earned money). COVID-19 has derailed many such travel plans. Purchasing insurance is a small investment that provides excellent security.

Jamie Wilkinson.      facebook Instagram website

After the coronavirus, Bree Sposato recommends travel to vacation clubs

Vacation club resorts are an excellent option for travelers. In addition to the extra space that timeshares offer, families can also rely on consistent brand experience, no matter where they stay. That’s not necessarily the case with home rentals. And when things change, they can count on a team of experts that are there for them when a challenge arises.

Bree Sposato.      facebook Instagram twitter website

Natural Parks Can Be An Ideal Visiting Spot For Travelers

Robert Sheldon suggests visiting national parks after the covid-19 pandemic

National Parks are busiest in summer months, and if we’re fortunate to be traveling again soon, we suspect record numbers as travelers will stay closer to home and seek open spaces. We suggest going further into these parks, such as the glaciers on Denali and experience many crevasses available on the Don Sheldon Amphitheatre.

Robert Sheldon.      Instagram website

Praveen Moman recommends traveling to Uganda to see the mountain gorillas

Trekking mountain gorillas on your bucket list, but don’t want to splurge on the cost of permits in Rwanda? Consider Uganda, which has a similar landscape to that of Rwanda, and a diverse wildlife population including lions, leopards, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, and the majestic mountain gorilla. Additionally, the gorilla permits are half the cost.

Praveen Moman.      Instagram website

Brian Montgomery's top travel tip after the coronavirus is to visit Belize

Belize is a magical place to visit any time of the year, but come September 21, our country comes alive with celebration for its Independence Day. Our town of Placencia especially throws a fun carnival, which offers guests who stay with us a unique look into the local’s culture and history.

Brian Montgomery.       Instagram website

Aldo Macchiavello recommends buying from artesian souvenir shops

Instead of buying gifts from shops in the main cities of Peru, buy local and direct, supporting handmade crafts from local communities. By purchasing these handicrafts, mostly produced by women, travelers are providing new sustainable job opportunities for the locals and taking away from potentially harmful jobs like fishing.

Aldo Macchiavello.      Instagram website

Geordie Mackey

One thing we can take away from recent events is that anything is possible. Plan your travels with an operator who can step in when things get out of control. Also, pick an operator who can insure your trip for when the unexpected like Coronavirus happens.

Geordie Mackey- Lewis.       Instagram website

After the coronavirus, Cary Mullen suggests visiting a city or town with a deep connection to nature

Surround yourself with nature: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca is an under-the-radar town that boasts an active lifestyle with surfing, bird watching, fishing, cultural immersion, and healthy traditional Oaxacan cuisine.

Cary Mullen.      facebook Instagram

Federico Pilurzu suggests travel to a wellness escape after the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

Wellness Escape: now more than ever, it’s essential to take care of our body, mind, and soul. Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a laid back town with many organic products shops, beachside bars, and restaurants and beautiful beaches great for surfing. The perfect destination to indulge in wellness and holistic escape.

Federico Pilurzu.      facebook Instagram

Dario Flota recommends travel to an off the beaten path location

Visit a real paradise for relaxation: Visit an off-the-beaten-path site like Holbox, a cozy island perfect for a pleasant getaway. Be ready for sandy streets and a living experience that combines intimacy, nature, adventure, gastronomy, and spectacular sunsets, and the best part of all is that you can connect to the local community.

Dario Flota.       Instagram

Sima Sthanakiya's top travel tip is to travel only with recognizable travel brands

Travel will probably bounce back faster than most people with plenty of bargains to entice back travelers. Be wary of lower prices when booking, as some offers may be too good to be true from companies on the verge of bankruptcy. Stick to recognizable and secure brands and focus more on value than the price, for example, extra nights and free meals.

Sima Sthanakiya.      Instagram twitter website

Mark Mannell suggests booking your car rentals now

Book your car rental now – most car rental reservations can be canceled or changed at no cost. We expect prices to go up when people start traveling again.

Mark Mannell.      facebook twitter website

Consider Traveling to a Bucket List Destination After the Coronavirus Passes

Carole Cambata's top travel tip is to visit Jaipur once the covid-19 coronavirus has run its course

Experience the intimate side of India with a private tour, focusing on boutique properties and personal experiences based on your interests. Take advantage of independent game drives out of the mainstream areas, venture outside city centers for block printing classes, and experience India’s culture firsthand in local villages. Topped off with personal guides and support from our team, Greaves will show you how intimate India can be.

Carole Cambata.      Instagram website

Khin Omar Win suggests visiting Bhutan

Bhutan is a spiritual and magical destination at any time of year, but a great time to visit to avoid the crowds is in December during the holidays. While in many destinations, it is the busiest time, it is Bhutan’s’ quiet and most affordable season, which also coincides with when the sacred Black-Necked Cranes are present.

Khin Omar Win.      Instagram website

Patricia McNamara suggests going skiing after the pandemic is over

Our favorite guests come back to stay with us at the Sonnenalp to experience Vail’s epic skiing. The real seasoned guests know, however, one of the best times to visit is in the Summer. Our concierge team knows the best hikes and trails to send you on with a packed lunch prepared by the Bully Ranch.

Patricia McNamara.      Instagram website

Abhiruchi Jain's top travel tip is to visit the Catskill mountains

Autumn is an ideal time in The Catskills. The fall foliage is beautiful, and we have some of the best parks and hiking trails in the whole State of New York.

Abhiruchi Jain.      Instagram website

after the covid-19 pandemic, Ana Carvalho suggests working with smaller tour operators

Take care by selecting your tours carefully. Favor direct contact with smaller tour companies or tour owners rather than booking directly with big online booking platforms. The small ones like us make all the efforts to personalize your day and give you more value than what’s offered on the online booking platforms.

Ana Carvalho.      facebook website

Deborah Calmeyer wants you to visit Africa after the covid-19 pandemic

Choose Africa. The future of wildlife and wild spaces not only depends on Americans traveling to Africa; it directly impacts our well being and survival. If we value our life on this planet, the most essential place to go to once travel resumes is Africa.

Deborah Calmeyer.      facebook Instagram website

Alisha Chocha recommends practising better hygiene after the coronavirus when traveling

After the CoronaVirus, there are going to be changed in cancellation policies for travel related companies to address any other pandemic situation. For travelers, I envision that people will be more aware of their distance to one another and travel with more hygienic products like hand sanitizer, soap, etc. For instance, when I was traveling in India a couple of years ago, very few of the restrooms had hand soap to wash your hands. We would then just use wipes. But now knowing how important it is to wash your hands with soap and water, I would definitely carry a small travel-size hand soap with me while traveling to other countries.

Alisha Chocha.      facebook Instagram youtube website

Andre Robles's top travel tip is to visit the Galapagos once the coronavirus has passed

I would suggest traveling to a nature destination like the Galapagos Islands. Taking an expedition cruise around the Islands is different from “cruising,” actually the boat only carries 16 people. You have your own cabin with private facilities, no packing and unpacking and lots of outdoor activities without crowds. Nature is making a comeback, Galapagos is no exception.

Andre Robles.       Instagram twitter youtube website

Amrita Singh suggests always buying travel insurance

Purchase travel insurance at the time of your initial deposit. Doing so allows you to opt-in for additional trip protection coverage and benefits you may not have otherwise considered. Also, it can potentially cover you for unpredictable issues that may force trip cancellation between the time of initial deposit and final payment.

Amrita Singh.      website

Post Covid-19, Phenny Mbabzai's travel tip is to visit Uganda

After COVID-19, I recommend you to visit Uganda. The people are so
welcoming and caring and above all, being a country with so many tribes, you will get a chance of learning the cultural behaviors of a few tribes you will meet like the Batwa community.

The highlight of your trip would be trekking the Endangered Mountain
Gorillas in Bwindi National Park and other primates, endemic birds, and the BIG 5 in the Savanah parks.

Phenny Mbabazi.    facebook Instagram twitter youtube website

Medical Tourism After COVID-19?

Panagiotis Fanis suggests medical tourism to Greece as a two-in-one vacation after the coronavirus

Consider Greece for Medical Tourism. After the Coronavirus has run its course, consider visiting a place with a low risk of Coronavirus or other infections. Greece, for example, is a country with a great history, a pleasant climate, and excellent health care. There, you can get a wide range of medical services (English, German, Italian, Russian, French-speaking), including aesthetic surgeries, dental work, and even nutritional therapy.

Panagiotis Fanis.      facebook website

Alison Hickey suggests taking an online photography course

Imagine yourself on Safari, ready to snap a once-in-a-lifetime photo of a Rhino, but you only have your cell phone. Now is the perfect time to take an online photography course to familiarize yourself with a DSLR camera for the most memorable shots.

Alison Hickey.      facebook Instagram twitter youtube website

Derek Hartman suggests booking with the hotels directly after the covid-19 coronavirus has passed as they will be more flexible.

The COVID-19 outbreak has really proven the importance of supporting local tours and businesses while we travel. This can be as simple as booking directly with a hotel rather than using an online booking agent so that the hotel isn’t paying a commission. Additionally, the cancellation will often be more relaxed when dealing directly with the hotel. We made these efforts before, but it will be crucial to patronize small businesses that have suffered a loss of income while travel stopped.

Derek Hartman.      facebook Instagram twitter website

Mike Walsh advises avoiding crowds when traveling

It may be obvious, but we are adjusting our travel planning to avoid crowds. This will mean more local traveling like camping and hiking trips. Road trips are always a great way to travel. The off-peak season is a better time than dealing high season with crowds.

Mike Walsh.      facebook Instagram twitter website

Valery Collins suggests looking for the best offers now for travel later.

As an avid skier, I was very disappointed when my ski trip in March 2020 got cut short due to Coronavirus. I am already planning a ski trip for winter 2020. My tip would be to look for offers now. For example, some companies are already offering the same prices for next winter. Also, guests can often cancel any booking up to 60 days before departure without penalty. In other words, deposits will be refunded. I will be booking my trip, will you?

Valery Collins.      facebook twitter website

Sara Kramer recommends using a travel tour operator you can trust.

Travel is an investment from both sides (consumer and supplier) – always seek out a trusted travel agent or tour operator that is invested in YOU and values client (or partner) relationships. In good times, they will get you perks, discounts, and share in your excitement for your upcoming journey. In tough times, they will be there to help you out of a jam that would otherwise have left you stranded, they will advocate on your behalf, and they have many connections and resources not available to the general public.

Sara Kramer.      facebook Instagram website

Stay in each location for at least 5 days. This is the best way to see the area and experience the culture.

When I traveled to Europe for 2 and a half months, last Summer, I met many people. I experienced what day to day life would feel like when I stayed a minimum of 5 days.

Derek Lenze.      facebook website

Falyn Owens's top travel tip after the coronavirus is to check out Bryce Canyon Country

Find destinations that offer you a breath of fresh air! After being in the house so long, Bryce Canyon Country is the place. Get your body moving by hiking, biking, horseback riding, and more as you look to the stunning scenes that pass by.

Falyn Owens.      facebook Instagram twitter website

Thomas Harold Watson suggests using an app to aid with travel

Download the UNESCO World Heritage App. It is fantastic, free, and works offline.

Sleep in a tent or car, this way, you avoid meeting unnecessary people in hotels, who could potentially make you sick, and also save yourself an absolute fortune.

Wash in the sea, drink water from natural springs, and hunt/forage for your own food.

Get an LPG GAS Conversion, it’ll cut down on your fuel costs and is easy to find in most countries! Also, as it works alongside your Petrol, you’ll get a lot more miles between fill-ups (mine is now about 800 from full to empty).

DON’T RUSH! If you go too fast, you’ll miss cool places, plan every day as you go, that way you won’t get disappointed! The worst thing ever is when you have to return to the exact same area to see something you could’ve seen before!

Thomas Harold Watson.     facebook Instagram twitter

Julie Singh's tip after the coronavirus is to travel locally

Travel Locally: While we know international travel is exciting, you may be surprised by what you find in your own back yard. Traveling locally within your state or region not only reduces expenses and lets you take more trips (extended weekend anyone?), but it allows you to support local businesses and discover the beauty of your area.

Julie Singh.      Instagram website

Mona Molayem suggests taking advantage of cheap airfare

Take advantage of the low airfares and hotels by booking future travel. For example: do you know that you’ll be going home for the holidays? Book your flights now. Booking policies are also more flexible than ever, so it may be an excellent time to book any other tentative future travel plans you have, too. ⁣⁣⁣

Mona Molayem.      Instagram website

Lianne Hannigan recommends travel insurance after the covid-19 pandemic

My number 1 tip after the coronavirus would be to make sure you have travel insurance!! Not only does this cover any medical issues (apt given the current situation), it also makes sure any other mishaps are covered. Back in 2004, I had the airport run over my luggage before the plane had even taken off. While my holiday to Cyprus was slightly dampened with destroyed luggage, having travel insurance meant that I was able to replace the ruined items once I returned home. Definitely grateful I had insurance.

Lianne Hannigan.      facebook website Instagram

I hope you liked this list of travel tips after the COVID-19 coronavirus.  If you feel any of the experts missed anything, don’t hesitate to comment below!

Stay safe,

Rick Orford

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