How to find the perfect travel mates
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How to Find The Perfect Travel Mates

Are you planning to travel to your dream destination and wonder how to find the perfect mates to join you? Or, maybe you’re sorting out the details. For example, the duration of the trip, accommodations, means of transportation, trip itineraries, and so on. 

And then, ​it comes time to ask all your mates if they want to travel with you​.

Unfortunately, this is where things start to get out of control. Your best friend just told you they couldn’t make it because he/she needs to attend that cousin’s wedding. Then, you ask colleagues, and they tell you that they are too busy. Or, maybe they have different plans for that week. Or, perhaps they need to take care of a sick family member. Of course, your would-be perfect travel mate just may ​not want to join you​.

Everything is Not Lost

In some cases, finding a mate to travel with might be a daunting task or even a nightmare. Indeed, it can also lead some people to quit plans about their long-awaited trip. Thankfully, everything is not lost. 

By planning in advance, ​it’s very possible​ to get perfect travel mates interested in your dream trip. Yes, they can take part, without the need for you to give it up. Indeed, that journey to Thailand that you’ve been thinking about for a lifetime can happen! 

So, let’s take a closer look at how to find perfect travel mates to join in on your adventure.

Always Plan Ahead of Time

Proper planning requires a lot of effort. Also, the quest to find the perfect travel mate is no exception. So, give yourself ​plenty of time​ to reach out to as many interested people as possible. Then, reach out to your circle of friends and acquaintances in particular. Finding the right travel mate could one or two months.

Tip: To avoid conflicts, keep your potential travel mate aware of possible ​date changes​ and ​updates. By doing so, you will avoid potential issues that could hamper the traveling experience together.

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Be As Clear As Possible

Nobody wants to misunderstand or get disappointed. When spreading the word, make sure your travel mate will be informed about each and every single detail of your trip. People are different; what seems alluring to you, might be unattractive to another. It’s an excellent decision to make your buddy aware of accommodation, tours and itineraries, and transportation, and decide together what’s best for your exigences.

Use Tech to Find The Perfect Travel Mates

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When trying to connect with the outside world, one of the best choices you can make out there is to make use of the ​Internet​ to get to your purpose in a fast and efficient way. 

For example, post/share your travel projects on ​Facebook groups​ and your timeline or even ​Twitter​. Chances are there are already hundreds of people planning to travel to the same destination as you. Moreover, many are also looking to join someone else, just as you do. This is a perfect chance to make new genuine friends from all over the world.

Also, mobile platforms can play a crucial role in finding travel mates. In particular, there’s an exciting tech startup project called Wander​. It’s about to make traveler’s lives easier by helping them find their ideal travel mate.  

Wander works by selecting a destination and a date of travel. Then, the app will show a list of users that are also looking to go to the same place at the same time. The mobile platform gives you the option to either ​join​ other groups/individuals trips or to ​create​ your own group with your preferred travel itinerary and selected travel mates. 

To get the app, you’ll need to get on their ​waitlist​. This way, you’ll get notified about the official launch at ​

Meet The Perfect Travel Mates During Your Stay

Who said you need someone ​before ​taking off? A lot of people get scared just by thinking about taking that flight alone. Indeed, I found some of the best friendships and travel mates during my past 4 years traveling solo. Indeed, many of these friendships got made in hostels, hotels, Airbnb, and guesthouses all over the world. For this reason, I think it’s ​one of the best ways​ to meet people from every corner of the world. And even better, they are often just as open-minded about traveling as you are and will be more than happy to share their adventures moments with you. 

Saying that so feared word “​Hi​” is not that bad after all! You’d be surprised at how many people actually want to start a conversation with someone. Still, they are just as shy, introverted, or afraid as you. I have enjoyed some of my greatest travel moments with people I’ve only talked with for 5 minutes. For example, I even remember sharing my trip with a hostel roommate that I had only met on the spot! He was as crazy and excited about traveling as I was. And, it turned out to be a great friend, and we even got to meet up again at the same place after 1 year. So my humble advice is not to be afraid to talk to others because you won’t regret it 🙂

Boost Your Good Vibes

It seems logical that a good mood and an optimistic personality go a long way. Indeed, they are fundamental to a person’s social interactions. 

People like to surround themselves with people who can ​uplift​ them and don’t create drama out of everything. Even if you’re struggling, or not in the perfect mood, try and lift yourself up. Yes, get your good vibes back to attract others. Then, you’ll ​significantly improve​ your chances of making your trip perfect with the ideal ones joining you. 

Have you had challenges finding travel mates? If so, how did it go? Did you find them? Comment below!


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  1. That is a difficult task because we are entities in our selfs and each traveller will have a different need for a travel companion. Travel is so rewarding in so many ways a companion, good or bad is part of the experience and becomes a basic foundation to either include him or her in future destinations or not. Sometimes a poor travel companion can become a great one!

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