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Four foods you have to try in Majorca

Looking for foods to try in Majorca? You’ve come to the right place! With ten Michelin stars owned by nine different restaurants across the island, Majorca is one of the shining lights when it comes to Spanish cuisine. But you don’t have to book a table at a Michelin-star quality restaurant to sample traditional Majorcan cooking.

Majorca’s thriving culinary scene relies upon the vast range of produce that grows on the island. Examples include olives, tomatoes, and citrus fruits. You will find many of these delicious ingredients in the island’s most popular dishes. And, all the foods provide an authentic taste of Majorca.

Forgo the burger and chips for your next post-beach meal. Then, indulge in one of these four famous dishes that travelers can find all across the island.

Pa amb oli

Majorca’s answer to the classic bruschetta, pa amb oli is a staple starter in eateries across the island. The dish translates to “bread with oil”. It consists of slices of local brown bread that the cook rubs with garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, and locally-grown olives.

With so many local ingredients used in the construction of a traditional pa amb oli, this crowd-pleasing dish really offers an authentic taste of the island. It’s relatively straightforward to recreate. However, locals will vouch that the only way to produce the proper flavors of a pa amb oli is to use traditional Majorcan ingredients.

Sopas mallorquinas

The unimaginatively-named sopas mallorquinas translates directly in English to “Majorcan soup”, but the dish itself is far more inspired. The ingredients which make up this hearty soup usually change with the seasons. However, the base typically consists of onion, garlic, tomatoes, and a range of additional seasonal veg.

No soup dish would be complete without a hearty helping of bread, and sopas mallorquinas is no exception. Restaurants on the island will typically serve the soup alongside thinly cut slices of local specialty bread.


For those with more of a sweet tooth, there really is no alternative to Majorca’s crowning glory when it comes to pastry dishes. Ensaimada is a very simple sweet bread. Bakers make Ensaimada using similar ingredients to those used in a traditional loaf of bread, with the key difference being the addition of lard to the mixture.

Another trademark of this Majorcan delicacy is that you will almost always find them with a generous coating of icing sugar. And, some bakers fill the sweet treat with cream, jam, or even chocolate. Most people eat Ensaimadas as a breakfast treat or afternoon snack. And, you can find them everywhere on the island – the perfect post-beach pick-me-up.


Is a visit to any of the Spanish islands truly complete without first devouring a delectable table full of tapas? This national institution was devised with the community in mind. Indeed, it encourages conversations as people indulge in all of the different aspects of traditional tapas.

Many locals will consider this dish an amuse-bouche to be eaten before a more substantial meal. But, tapas can also be a meal in itself. At the best tapas restaurants on the island, you can expect to find lots of seafood dishes that celebrate some of the finest ingredients sourced from the surrounding waters.

What do you think about these must try foods of Majorca? Let us know in the comments below!

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