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Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach – the place where I learned how many nuances of blue Greece has.

Today we – The Travelling Foot – decided to show you the most spectacular beach, in the beautiful island of Kefalonia – Myrtos Beach. Due to its unique appearance, Myrtos Beach was chosen as the main location for the film Captain Corellis Mandolin, with Penelope Cruz and Nicolas Cage. After reading only beautiful impressions and seen some pictures and videos with this beach, here we are standing at the top of the hill and admiring this wonderful place. Myrtos is surrounded by mountains, the beach is made of sand and pebbles of impeccable white, and the water offers a different shade of blue on every hour of the day. Due to the change in water colors over the course of a day, you may find this beach on the internet by searching: “50 shades of Myrtos” While descending to the beach, we stop the car on every corner to admire and take shoots of this miracle of nature. Worlds can not describe what we have seen so we will leave you below the video we made. If you like our Myrtos Beach video, do not forget to share this with your friends and maybe subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
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