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Seattle Wa, USA

Seattle is a wonderful city on the west coast. It has a great modern vibe but still has a rich history. The city most famous landmark is the Space Needle that towers all over the downtown area. A visit to Seattle must include a stop at the famous Pike Street Market, with its vibrant atmosphere and the vast selection of restaurants and bars. Nearby the market you can find the original Starbucks store where it al started.

Seattle is rich in pioneer and gold rush history. The area around Pioneer is the oldest part of the city. A visit in Seattle must include a tour of the Underground City, where you can learn all about the past of this great city.

The area around the Space Needle, offers many other great attractions such as: Museum of Pop Culture, the Pacific Science Center, the Chihuly Garden and Glass and for the Gray’s Anatomy Fans the place where they filmed the Hospital entrance! (Actually it is not an hospital at all just a building with a TV station)

Other favorites include: San Diego, Las Vegas, Sedona, Monument Valley, Arches National Park, The Grand Canyon, And Antelope Canyon.

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