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Avignon, The City of the Popes

Avignon is beautiful ancient town in the Provence area of France. The city is rich on history and Medieval architecture. In 1309 Pope Clement the V moved the Papal capital from Rome to Avignon. The city remained the Papal capital till 1376 when Pope Gregory the XI moved back to Rome. The massive Papal Palace dominate the centre of the old town. It is definitely worth a visit but be aware it gets really busy in summer time. If you want to avoid huge lines consider visiting off season.

The city remained under Popes control till September 12 1791, during the French Revolution, when the city when the city became part of France.

The Famous Port D’Avignon (Famous also for a French Song) is a wonderful place to visit as well. What remains today is part of a medieval bridge that originally was almost one kilometre long with 22 arches.


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