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What To Do On Cruise Sea Days?

Lots of people are afraid of sea days on a cruise, they think they might get bored. I personally love sea days, I always find that they go really fast and in no time they are gone! The night before the sea day I check the cruise newsletter for the next day and see what kind of activities are happening on the sea day. I take notes on what interests me.

On the actual sea day this is how my day usually goes:

Claim the Best Spot At the Pool On a Sea Day!

I really enjoy to wake up, have breakfast, stop for a cappuccino and then hit the pool deck, outside if the weather is good or indoor pool if it is not.  Above all, I like to get to the pool early and find a good spot. I enjoy quiet mornings by the pool on the cruise, while most are sleeping in on sea days. By the pool I like to read I check my emails and relax.


Sea Days are Great for Walk Around the Cruise Ship

Right before lunchtime I really enjoy walking around the ship a few times. Ideally, I love to do it on a sunny day on the top decks. However, if it is raining or cold I don’t mind walking indoor. While I walk I always stop and check the dinner menu at the main dining room…. this helps me plan the meals for the rest of the day. If I find the dinner menu not super interesting I might have a bigger lunch. In contrast, if there is a dish that I particularly love for dinner I make sure my lunch is smaller.


My first choice of venue for lunch is always the buffet. This because I discovered that is the best place for me to control the amount of food I eat. In fact, if I go to the main dining room for lunch, I always end up having a three-course lunch.  At the buffet, I only eat what I take and I don’t go for a second. Occasionally I might have lunch at the pizza joint or the burger place but not very often.

After lunch, I go back by the pool for a little.

While most people are still eating  I enjoy to go back to the quiet pool. By now the pools have some music or some entertainment. I really enjoy that. By now some of the activities I saw on the newsletter the night before are happening somewhere around the ship. If that is the case I go and check them out.

Trivia time!

In mid-afternoon, around 4 pm, there is always some trivia game happening in a lounge around the ship. I love trivia and I am very competitive at it. No need to say that I love to play! Over the past few years, I have won several notepads and bottle openers. It is becoming quite a collection of which I am very proud of! ???

My first glass of wine

After trivia, it is usually late afternoon at it is time to have my first glass of wine while walking around the ship. We love to stop and talk to fellow passengers and crew members. We became very good friends with many of the photographers and the art auction crew members because of that. Sometimes we love to walk around and find out a place where they give away free “Champagne”. These places are the jewelry store, the art store, the casino… finding free wine is almost like a game ? It seems incredible but by now we walked almost ten thousand steps, between the morning and the afternoon. That is a good way to stay active on the ship.

Get Changed for Dinner

Before returning to our cabin and getting ready for dinner, we usually stop at a lounge to chat with some friends and socialize a bit.  By cruise day number two we have our favorite bar on the ship where we like to go.  Around 7 pm it is time to go back to the cabin, shower and pick an outfit for dinner. If it is a nice sunny evening maybe we enjoy another glass of wine on the balcony. We often start talking to our neighbors, offer them a glass and chat for a while! For this reason, we became friends with many of our cruise cabin neighbors on sea days, and we are still in touch.

Dinner: The Best Food Is Usually Found On Sea Days

Cruising is all about having fun, not to mention eating – and the best food is usually available only on sea days! Before we go for dinner, we usually get another glass of wine and go for another stroll on the cruise ship. We might visit a lounge for a bit, walk a little more, say hi to fellow passengers and crew members.  Further, we might poke our head in the casino, and many times, another glass of free “champagne” appears, seemingly out of thin air. By now it is time to hit the main dining room. We like to have dinner at around 8 pm. This way by 9:30 we are done and we able to catch a show, if we want.

The Best Cruise Shows Are on Sea Days!

After dinner, we usually find a show that we like to watch. Production shows are usually pretty good, but we really enjoy comedy shows and magicians. After the show is over we go for the last walk around the ship a few more times.  It is not unusual for us to run into someone to chat for a bit and then bedtime. Before going to sleep it is time to read the newsletter again and be prepared for the following day. Maybe it is another sea day, or it is a port day. Time on a cruise always goes so fast.

It is hard to believe, but my cruise sea days usually go by remarkably fast. In no time, it is bedtime and I always ask myself: “WHERE DID THE DAY GO!”

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite way to spend a sea day on-board a cruise ship. Please leave a comment on what you like to do.


Don’t forget to bring one of those on a sea day!

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