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Star Clipper, Bucket List Achievement

Our Southeast Asia travel experience was assembled with “Bucket List” opportunities in mind.  Eating street food in Bangkok, watching the sun rise over Angkor Wat, and tall ship sailing the Andaman Sea. All truly amazing experiences that lived up to our every expectation. I’m happy to announce, The Star Clipper Bucket List Achievement box is now checked!

You might think all cruises are alike, thousands of people jammed into a gargantuan ship overwhelming every port of call they visit.  For the most part, I would agree, but there are exceptions.  Tall Ship sailing is one of them. The Star Clipper is a 360ft sailing vessel, equipped with 4 masts and sixteen sails.  Should the wind fail, a diesel engine is available.  With space for 170 passengers and a crew of 72 you never feel crowded.  [Click Here for Complete Article]

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