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Review: Universal Studios Singapore

Picture it. You’re on an exotic vacation, and chilling by the beach in Singapore.  Then, you plan the next thing to do while you are there.  If this is you, we suggest you head to Universal Studios to get your imagination flowing and is a must-add to your Singapore bucket list.  For sure, Universal Studios Singapore, the amusement park in Sentosa Island, will thrill you. With its insane rides, thematic streets, and delicious options for street food, you are in for an unearthly journey.

Mind you, the trip is going to take your entire day, and you might want want to rush through this one of a kind experience. To bring you through the studios, we have the guide to all the things to do at Universal Studios Singapore.

Things You Have To Do At Universal Studios Singapore

Remember to book your passes before because the lines can get long, and you will be eager to rush past the crowd. What awaits you inside is a dreamland.

Take A Universal Studios Express Pass

express pass at universal studios singapore
The decision is yours to make whether you want to take the one-day pass or you want to go with the one-day pass along with the Universal Studios Express Pass. The Express pass can help you skip those neverending queues, and believe us when we say this, the hassle of the crowd can get on your nerves on day-offs. Allowing you to attend shows and head straight to those priority lines, you can cover the Universal Studios Singapore in no time. Moreover, if you have the Universal Express Unlimited Pass, you can enter as many times as you want! Sounds like a deal, doesn’t it? Just a few bucks more, but it is worth it.

Explore Themed Zones

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is a thematic amusement park that takes you on a ride through the movie hits from Universal Studios. You can get experience the world of Dinosaurs and Transformers first hand. Taking you on an enchanting journey, you can discover varieties in one place. Each of these zones has its rides, live performances, shows, and above all, thematic dining and street shopping areas! Given below are the zones you can check out:

  • Hollywood
  • New York
  • Sci-Fi City
  • Lost World
  • Madagascar
  • Far Far Away

Each comes with magnificent re-created structures, and you will feel teleported to the fantasy worlds in a jiffy!

Author’s pick: Hollywood! With the stage shows and numerous vintage cars surrounding you, the Hollywood zone will make you feel the star you never were. You can walk the red carpet, imprint your sign on the signature stars, win Oscars and not mention, meet your idols. This zone is a favorite if you want some nifty pictures for your Instagram.

In addition to that, The New York zone even has a replica for the iconic New York Public library!

Discover The Rides at Universal Studios Singapore

From twisting and rolling space battling roller coasters to river rafting in the Jurassic World, the rides at Universal Studios Singapore will give you the most thrilling experience of a lifetime. Moreover, there are specific rides made enjoyable for both kids and adults. Each of the attractions has its height and weight requirements as well for safety purposes. If you want to get your adrenaline pumping and imagination running wild, then head straight to the Battlestar Galactica – Human VS Cylon rollercoasters. With the fastest speed, steepest drops, and the thrill of the near-miss experience of the two coasters are sure to make you want to go on it again. If you are looking for a daunting horror story, then the Revenge Of The Mummy ride is your go-to. Whereas, if you are looking for kid-friendly rides, then you can go to the Magic Potion Spin Ferris wheel or search for treasure at Treasure Hunt in Ancient Egypt!

Author’s Pick: Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. With the heat of the city closing in, nothing is better than getting cold water sprayed on you. Furthermore, the thrill of the dinosaurs chasing you out of the blue, rafting through the falls, and the mindless flow of your raft is nothing short of an adventure.

Rewatch Shrek’s Story but in the 4D Version

Shrek in 4D at Universal Studios Singapore

What exactly happened after Lord Maximus Farquaard died? As evil he was, he was sure to come back to Shrek and Fiona for revenge. At this 4-D Shrek studio, you take a seat back and watch the aftermath unfold in the theatre. However, it is no ordinary movie. The theatrics go way beyond the 3-D versions of dragons spewing fire onto your face or arrows trying to pierce you through the screen. The sound effects mixed with the mist sprouting on your face whenever donkey sneezes add the charm to the dramatic adventure you are watching. Be careful of the chills of the web you get going up your legs when the spiders crawl out of the screen! The show is one of our favorite things to do in Universal Studios Singapore and worry not; there are many more such shows spread across the place to win your heart.

Lighten up with Fireworks Spectacular and Hollywood Parade

fireworks at universal studios singapore

If you are heading to the studios on the weekend, you are in for a treat. One of the best things to do in Universal Studios Singapore is the enchanting fireworks of the evening. Wait till the end of the day, and you will be looking at colorful fireworks lighting up the night sky. Music and a laser show compliment the fireworks look magical across the recreated lakes inside the park.

Furthermore, on alternate Saturdays and Sundays, New York street sees a neon-lit musical parade of characters. Characters will unite through the zones and parading from Lost World to the streets of New York. And they will be traveling on their floats of cars and dinosaurs!

Meet Your Favorite Characters from TV and Movies

meet your favourite characters

So what if you couldn’t meet Mickey in Disneyworld? You can still see the Minions and Muppets to and relive the nostalgia. Not only do they click pictures with you, but they also talk to you in a voiceover as well. You can share a cookie with the blue furry cookie monster. Or you can meet Bumblebee and Optimus Prime to scream, “Autobots, roll out.”

Moreover, when you head to New York and Hollywood, you can meet Charlie Chaplin and Marylin Monroe also. Ask for a recreation of the iconic flying dress, and Marylin will gladly oblige for your picture.

Go on a Dining Spree

someone eating food at an amusement park

Top of our list of things to do in Universal Studios Singapore is eating. After all, some delicious food cures the sore throat from screaming on the rides.  Indeed, the long hours of roaming in the heat of the unforgiving sun play a toll on one’s self.  Here, not only will you find local eats at the Malaysian Food Street and Discovery Food Court in The Lost World.  Indeed, there are options for Indian, New York-style pizzas, and other thematic street food as well. To add on, they have coconut water and Slurpees throughout the studio to cure your dehydration.

Our favorite is the colorful drinks that you can buy from carts, and they come attached to helmets! There are bars and lounges within the park, as well as right outside. You can always re-enter if you head out.

Author’s pick: Pizza by the slice at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour
Must try: Turkey leg at Marylin’s (inspiration from Marylin Monroe’s legs) and Shrek waffle at Goldilocks

Indulge in the Universal Studios Singapore Live Performances and Stage Shows

theme park shows at universal studios singapore

Shows and entertainment never end in this theme park. If you are skipping out on the live performances, then you are missing out! Keep an eye out as you are walking through the studios, you will see characters dancing and giving a treat to your eyes. There are acrobats give jumping around and walking on humongous sticks through Ancient Egypt. You can find Penguins Of Madagascar singing out loud while the other cast dance to their tunes. Puss In The Boots and Kitty Soft Paws even flaunt their dance steps to keep you entertained.

Further on, you can head to various theatres to watch the stage shows. There, you can watch a hurricane in old New York, complete with special effects.  Or, you can see Shrek’s donkey, giving you an exceptional operatic performance.  Indeed, these are the best shows at Universal Studios Singapore.

Author’s Pick: Water World

Shop all the luxuries

shopping at universal studios singapore

Shopping can go haywire if you start exploring the thematic stores and more. Shopping lands as one of the most important things to do in Universal Studios Singapore if you are a real fanatic of movies and animations. Various souvenir shops are waiting at your disposal, from the Universal Studios store selling all kinds of collectibles to That’s A Wrap giving the perfect end to your tour.

However, above all, our favorites are the theme stores located in each zone like the Dino Apparels at The Lost World, Transformers supply vault at the Sci-Fi city, Big Bird Emporium in New York, Carter’s Curiosities in Ancient Egypt and Silver Screen in Hollywood. Moreover, the studios even have a grand shop dedicated to Hello Kitty and a Hollywood China Arcade where you can win tokens to redeem in any of the shops.

Babies can Rest at Universal Studios Singapore

area for baby centres at universal studios singapore

If you are a young parent, don’t you worry about your baby’s needs. We understand that above anything, the most important in your list of things to do in Universal Studios Singapore is making sure that your tiny tot is comfortable. The Baby Centre int he studios has two nursing cubicles. It also comes with a microwave, coin-operated dispenser for diapers and bed liners, and space for kids to play. There are various other nursing centers spread throughout the place.

Additionally, there is even an allowance for a baby swap. If you are going on a roller coaster and want your spouse to take care of the baby, then you can go ahead, and your spouse can go on the next without having to stand in the queue again. There are stroller rentals and parking as well!

Remember Your Prayers in the Prayer Rooms

prayer room

There are several options to cater to the Muslim population who come to visit Universal Studios. Starting from Halal food to prayer rooms, Universal Studios makes all religions feel at home. If you are getting late for your evening prayers, then you can make a stop at any of the prayer rooms.

Get Teleported in Your Pictures

A trip means nothing if you can’t get the perfect clicks for your Facebook and Instagram. Of course, while writing this, we understand that the basis of all things to do at Universal Studios Singapore is getting the most beautiful pictures clicked at its enchanted recreations. From the castle in Far Far Away to the broadway street in New York with replicas of street apartments, you will be teleported to different worlds altogether.

Moreover, you can get your clicks while waiting in the queues as well. The Transformers ride takes you through various techno rooms with neon lights, Autobots figures, and LED screens while the Revenge Of The Mummy ride takes you back to the haunting pyramids with rustic pillars and statues of pharaohs. There are also various prop stores and photo booths where you can click the cutest selfies!

Author’s Pick: The vintage cars in Hollywood

Carry the Essential Things for a Day Out

lock boxes for your essentials

You cannot forget the heat and humidity beating down on you when you are in Singapore. With your entire day spent in the amusement park, mark your essentials well in your things-to-do list. Carry a water bottle at all times because it is easy to get dehydrated. It is also advisable to wear sneakers and carry a cap. The sun is going to be merciless, and you will have to walk a lot around the area. Furthermore, there are various lockers to keep your bags and shoes. However, it is advisable to carry a small sling instead.

If you want to get more than just the Universal Studios experience, then head there during October when they have a Halloween theme running. With the newest rides and decor, you will have the scariest night of a lifetime. However, the Halloween special is only for those above 14 years of age.

Have you been to Universal Studios Singapore?  If so, tell us what your favorite thing to see or do in the comments below was.


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