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MSC Splendida Review: MSC Yacht Club Experience

We just got back from a seven-day cruise to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan on board the MSC Splendida, and today we will tell you all you need to know about MSC Yacht Club Experience! Is it really worth it? Watch us until the end, and you will find out! 

Today we will tell you all about our experience on board the MSC Splendida Yacht Club. But first, if you like travel-related blogs like this one, now is a great time to hit the subscribe button so you will never miss any future blogs.

Let’s begin: 

What is the MSC Yacht Club?

The MSC Yacht Club is an exclusive section of some of MSC’s cruise ships that offers passengers a unique, all-inclusive cruising experience. Some people refer to it as a ship within a ship or a luxury cruise to other luxury cruises.

The MSC Yacht Club section is typically located at the top of the ship, and it’s reserved for guests who are looking for a little extra luxury and a private club. It can only be accessed with the cruise card.

MSC Yacht Club

When you book a trip with the MSC Yacht Club, you’ll have access to a range of exclusive amenities and services. For example, you’ll have a dedicated concierge who will be available to help you with any requests you might have.

They’ll even walk you to wherever you need to go! You’ll also have access to a private lounge, which serves complimentary drinks and snacks throughout the day.

But that’s just the beginning. The MSC Yacht Club also offers passengers exclusive access to a range of private spaces, including a private pool area, an MSC Yacht Club restaurant, and a bar. This means that you’ll be able to relax and unwind in your own private sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle of the main ship.

But perhaps the best thing about the MSC Yacht Club is the level of service you’ll receive. The staff in this section of the ship are highly trained and attentive, ensuring that your every need is taken care of. Whether you need help with your luggage, want to book an excursion, or simply need a drink, the staff at the MSC Yacht Club will be on hand to assist you.

Our next topic for the Yacht Club Experience is:

Boarding MSC Yacht

One of the great perks that we noticed right away was priority boarding. In fact, when we arrived at the luxury cruise terminal, a butler was waiting for us and took us straight through immigration, check, and on the ship skipping the extra long line that other passengers had to do. Also, the butler explained to us how to use the dedicated elevator reserved for Yacht Club passengers. With this elevator, activated by our cruise card, we could go right to deck 15 or 16 without stopping on any deck in between.

Once we arrived at the dedicated MSC Yacht Club Lounge on deck 15, we were greeted with a glass of champagne while a very nice concierge lady explained to us all our Yacht Club benefits. We have to admit that the priority boarding process was incredibly smooth and efficient, with a very nice personalized touch.

Let’s move to our next topic of the MSC Yacht Club experience, and we will talk about:

The Cabin

We booked a Yacht Club Deluxe suite on deck 16. The cabin was quite nice, wide, and well laid out. The room had a nice couch and a little desk beside the private balcony.

MSC Yacht Club Cabin

The bed was very comfortable. We had a very nice walk-in closet with a lot of space for clothes and shoes, which we really liked.

The bathroom was wide and quite nice, with a bathtub. In our opinion, a nice big shower is better than a tub, but we know that a lot of people like to take baths. 

MSC Yacht Club Bathroom

The private balcony was nice, not the widest but big enough.  We noticed a couple of things that could be improved in the cabin. First, there were no electrical plugs by the bedside tables to charge the phones.

In fact, the only plugs available were by the desk, and there were two European and two American plugs there. Second, the wood paneling in the room made the room feel a little dark. Other than those minor details, we really enjoyed our cabin.

The next topic in our Review of MSC Yacht Club is

The Yacht Club Lounge 

On MSC Splendida, the Yacht Club lounge is on deck 15 all the way to the front. The area is really nice and well-designed. There is a concierge desk that takes care of all the yacht club passengers’ needs; more about that later.

Next to the concierge, there is a great big lounge with couches and tables. In the lounge, there are snacks available all the time. In the morning, they serve a light breakfast with cereals, sandwiches, and toast, and jam.

MSC Splendida Yacht Club Lounge

The lounge also has a nice big bar with complimentary drinks. We really enjoyed this area, especially on sea days we used it to work because it was really quiet and comfortable. It was also the best place for a pre-dinner aperitif.

Moving on to our next topic of the MSC Yacht Club experience:

The Yacht Club Pool

The MSC Yacht Club Pool is called “one pool” and is located on deck 18, right above the lounge. It is a very nice space with a pool, two jacuzzis, a lot of sunbeds, a bar, and a small buffet area where they serve food for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea. On our cruise, during sea days in the buffet area, the head waiter of the Yacht Club restaurant was cooking fresh pasta and other lunch items in a buffet they set up by the pool. 

MSC Splendida Yacht Club Pool

We really enjoyed this area sunbathing, especially during the sea days. It is never super busy and always has sun beds available for us away from the huge crowds of the main pools on the ship.

The MSC Yacht Club Pool area is also incredibly private. In fact, we asked the concierge if it was possible to invite guests, and the answer was no. The area is for Yacht Club members only.

One Pool - MSC Yacht Club

Next, we will talk about:

The Yacht Club Restaurant 

On the MSC Splendida, the Yacht Club’s dedicated restaurant is called Olivo, and it is located on deck 15 all the way aft above the main buffet. We heard that on newer ships the MSC Yacht Club restaurant is located above or below the yacht club lounge, but on this particular ship it was outside the exclusive yacht club area. That’s probably because the MSC Splendida was the first ship to get retrofitted with the yacht club.

MSC Splendida Yacht Club L'Olivo Restaurant

The restaurant is open seating, and Yacht Club passengers can go anytime during opening hours. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

The specialty restaurant’s ambiance is excellent, very intimate and wide, with a lot of natural light. The service is absolutely impeccable. Every waiter is perfectly trained, knowledgeable and really friendly. 

Yacht Club L'Olivo restaurant service

In this restaurant’s menu, there are always one or two items that are not available on the menu in the main dining room; for example, on the second formal night, they served lobster that was not on the menu in the main dining room.

Moving on to our next topic of the MSC Yacht Club experience, we will talk about:

The Service for MSC Yacht Club Guests

The service at MSC Splendida Yacht Club is impeccable. The MSC Yacht Club perk is that a 24-hour butler service is available, which is really nice.

MSC Splendida Yacht Club Butler

We did not ask our butler to unpack and pack for us, but that is one of the butler services that they provide. We can totally tell that the butler service takes great pride in providing stunning service and that they genuinely care about their MSC Yacht Club guests.

Our butler Augustine was incredibly friendly and attentive, always available but never intrusive. Very well done! 

The concierge desk was there to take care of passengers’ needs. They were there to help with almost every aspect of the MSC cruise, from excursions to billing. 

This came particularly helpful the day before arriving at the port of Sokhna when the Egyptian border agent came on board to stamp everyone’s passports. We did not have to go to see the agent, but the concierge took care of this step for us to avoid the long lines. 

Also, the future cruise consultant was available at the concierge lounge by appointment for MSC Yacht Club passengers. Really stunning service. 

Our next item to review about the MSC Yacht Club review is:

What is Included in MSC Yacht Club?

One of the best benefits of MSC Yacht Club perks, aside from the amazing service, is the fact that it is a truly all-inclusive experience. In fact, when you book a yacht club cabin, you have the Premium Extra Drink Package included. The MSC Yacht Club offers a package that includes drinks up to €13 euros.

Now one thing to consider is that if you order a drink that costs €14, for example, you will be charged the whole amount, not the €1.00 difference as other cruise lines do. It also included is the premium internet package, with unlimited use for two devices per passenger.

Spa Access

Another thing that is included is unlimited access to Thermal Suite in the MSC Aurea Spa, even though on this voyage, people at the spa told us that we had to make a reservation before going. Now we brought this up to the concierge, and they said that it wasn’t true. We did not have to make a reservation. 

MSC Splendida Spa

The MSC Yacht Club offers gratuities and 24-hour room service. Basically, the only items not included were the excursions, spa treatments, onboard shopping, drinks over 13 euros, and the Casino.

Moving on to the next topic of our MSC Yacht Club experience, we will talk about:


Yacht Club passengers have priority access to shore when going on an excursion. Basically, we had to meet our own personal butler at the sail lounge at the time specified on the excursion ticket, and he then took us to the gangway skipping all the lines for security, passport controls, etc.

MSC Excursion in Petra Jordan

Same thing on the way back from excursions. A butler was always by the gangway escorting us to the front of the line and back to our lounge. Now, this service is excellent because it allows Yacht Club Passengers to skip all the long lines, but there is a downside.

Since we were always the first passengers on the bus, we then had to wait on the bus for all the other passengers to arrive. Sometimes the wait was up to an hour. Now considering that some excursions on this itinerary required two and half hours bus ride, an extra hour before departure was quite long.

In our opinion, it would be better if MSC reserved the seats on the bus for Yacht Club passengers (they already know who they are) and let them off the ship when the bus was almost ready to go. 

MSC Cruises Ships

MSC Cruises is getting bigger and better. There are a lot of special things to discover on each MSC cruise ship when you go sailing with them as a member of the MSC Yacht Club.

Their huge fleets include:

MSC Seashore

MSC Seashore is like her sister ships, MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview. Most of the places people go on the ship are different than before.

MSC Seashore has new places to play, eat and hang out outside. There are also more rooms for people to stay in and more space for everyone.

You can sit back, relax, and enjoy all that MSC Seashore offers. MSC Seashore is the first of two special ships. It has technology that helps it use energy more efficiently.

The MSC Cruise has been fitted with the fleet’s largest and most luxurious MSC Yacht Club, with almost 3,000 sqm of space, including a bigger solarium and a panoramic whirlpool.

MSC Seashore’s 13,000 sqm of outdoor spaces, from pools and lounge areas to Speciality Restaurant seating areas, bring guests closer to the sea than ever before, making them truly.

MSC Meraviglia

You can experience the ultimate sea adventure on MSC Meraviglia. This magnificent ship boasts incredible features such as gourmet dining, amazing entertainment options, panoramic areas, an ocean-view lounge, a two-deck “inside promenade” complete with an LED dome, and an amusement area attached to an outdoor water park.

Best of all, MSC Meraviglia features late-night and overnight stays on MSC Cruise’s exclusive private island.

MSC Virtuosa

The name MSC Virtuosa is from the word virtuoso which means someone who is very good at something. MSC Cruises gave it this name to honor the people who designed and built the ship. They are very talented and skilled.

This new cruise ship is one of the biggest in the MSC Cruises fleet. It has lots of special features that work together to give you the best vacation ever! Moreover, it’s the MSC Grandiosa’s sister ship.


In conclusion, the Yacht Club on board MSC is really excellent product. It not only allows passengers to enjoy a ship within a ship but also provides a great service that is much more personalized and attentive than what you’d expect with a standard MSC product.

The MSC Yacht Club allows passengers to avoid long lines for embarkation, excursions, or even restaurants. The downside is the price.

The cruise costs almost twice as much as a regular balcony cabin. Everything is indeed included, but the price difference is quite steep. In fact, when you’re looking at this price point, luxury cruise lines now become comparables.

We really enjoyed our week on board the MSC Splendida Yacht Club and will do it again for sure, maybe next time on a different itinerary.  

We hope you enjoyed our blog, and as usual, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


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