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I’m Addicted to Cruising and No One Gets It!

It never fails.

Every time I tell my friends and family I that I just booked another cruise, I’m met with eye rolls and questions like:

  • Why do I like cruising so much?
  • Why would I go on a holiday with old people?
  • And Won’t I get bored?

While I try and explain it, it’s really impossible to create full context.

None the less, here are my reasons why I’m Addicted to cruising:

I Only Need to Unpack Once

Yes the hotel travels with me and I wake up in a different port pretty much every day.

I love that.

I can see Many Different Cities/Towns in One Trip

If you’re travelling on land, the only way to see multiple cities and towns in a short time is through the window of your car or bus.

Not so with cruising! Many of the most important cities in the world are near a port, that makes cruising an ideal way to visit these different places without spending incredible amount of time transferring.

One Currency, One Language

I only have to worry about one language and one currency. On board the language is English and the currency is the US dollar.

It’s Safe

Incredibly safe! Cruise ships generally won’t let you off in an unsafe destination.  It’s bad for business. If a port ever becomes unsafe, the ship will usually just change the port.

The Food

The Food is uhhhhmazing!!!! Honestly, it sometimes feels like a little too much food hahaha ? . Of course, maybe that’s because I eat more desert than anything else!

Best dessert at sea! Princess Cruises Norman Love Pistachio Dome

Almost All Inclusive

Included in the cruise fare is the accommodation, my meals, my shows and my transportation. And sometimes, the ships even throw in drinks, excursions, OBC and even the occasional spa treatment!


There is always something to!  Tip: Take a picture of the daily planner with your smartphone, this way you can always check it as needed.  Of course, you could just sit by the pool and do nothing like I do (Sipping a Margarita)

New Friends

I’m quickly approaching 200 days a sea, and have met about as many wonderful people along the way. Cruising makes it easy to socialize with your fellow passengers. Tip: Friend them on Facebook before disembarking!

You Can see Far Away Lands

Some destinations can only be reached by boat. For example in Alaska some of the most majestic glaciers can only be reached and viewed by boat.

Nothing Compares

I simply love the ocean and I deeply enjoy watching the waves and listening to the noise of the sea!

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