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Olarro Plains, Kenya


Not far from the Masai Mara National Reserve, Olarro is an entirely private wilderness. Venture into our conservancy and 20,000 precious acres open up before you, aching to be explored.

Big game roams freely over our reserve’s endless plains and gathers under the cover of darkness. Come September, our lodges enjoy exclusive views of wildebeest migrating in their millions. Open only to our guests, Olarro’s conservancy promises a personal and unreal safari experience.

With a location chosen for the unblinking vistas it offers, Olarro Plains couldn’t be closer to nature. Here, untamed Kenya is never more than a glance away.
An open and airy luxury lodge, the safari spectacles flood effortlessly and endlessly into Olarro Plains. Watch animals gather to drink without moving an inch, as the property overlooks a waterhole and a live feed beams every beat into the bar. Swim in the savannah’s beauty while in our infinity pool. Indulge in fine dining or head over to Olarro Lodge for tranquil spa moments.

Though fences keep you safe from wildlife, here the line between wilderness and refinement blurs. Live seamlessly in both realms at once.
Olarro Plains has four double and four twin rooms – all en-suite. Spacious and beautifully designed, each one is as flawless as the last. Every detail, from their positioning to the décor, has been thoughtfully considered. Step out onto your own private veranda. Pointing west, ready for dusk and the setting sun, each suite’s vantage point is as breathtaking as it is exclusive.

Other places you might visit in Kenya include: Amboseli National Park, Turkana, & Mara North Conservancy.

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