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Turkana, Kenya


Unique eco friendly lodge located at 5,500 feet asl on the verdant cedar forest slopes of Mt Nyiru which towers majestically above the Elbarta plains, between Karisia Mountains and Lake Turkana in North Kenya.

It consists of five unique houses accommodating up to twelve people, two cottages with double beds, two twins and a family house. The houses are entirely secluded, which guarantees comfort and intimacy. All are hand-made and individually designed around various natural features. Each suite has its own private flush toilet and an open air en-suite bathroom with a bath. It also has its own patio.

The main lounge and a pool area have been hand crafted to blend with the indigenous gardens, landscaped to enhance the dramatic views. In the main lounge guests have at their disposal a fully stocked bar, a sitting room and a fireplace. If they wish, they can also make a bonfire outdoors in a specially prepared fire site.

It uses only the natural sources of energy, from a gravity fed water system to solar water heating and power. It’s made of organic materials, stone and cedar. Not a single tree has been cut for its construction. It’s the only lodge in Kenya where all the design elements, from furniture and fireplaces to baths and toilet paper holders are hand-made.

The closest supermarket is 2 hours’ flight from the lodge. There is no network. Phone calls can only be made on a satellite phone. The remote location and closeness to nature creates a unique atmosphere of spirituality….and attracts not only people but also wild animals, like the friendly leopard which lives nearby and can be heard from a distance in the early morning and at dusk…

The close attention to detail and isolated serenity makes Desert Rose absolutely unique compared to other tourist spots. The lodge does not dominate over nature,  it’s an integral part of it.

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