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How to Get a Refund From Non Refundable Holidays

In 2018, 1.32 million global tourists were reported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in the Tourism Highlights Report. Most of those travelling globally book flights, hotels, or even holiday packages. But what happens when you realize that you have to cancel your trip? Unfortunately, this happens more often than people think. Millions of reservations are not used every year. 

Most of the time airline tickets and hotel reservations are non-refundable, so what do you do then? Do you lose all your money on your holiday that you didn’t even get to attend? No, of course not., a secondary travel marketplace, has set out to solve this problem with a mission to make travel simpler. As an online platform, SpareFare connects people who have bought flights, holiday packages or hotel rooms but can no longer use them, with people seeking discounted travel options. The process is actually quite simple- by transferring their booked non-refundable reservations to SpareFare buyers, sellers are able to partially or fully recover the money they paid for the trips, while buyers get a true discount of up to 50 to 60% by not paying the current price of the bookings. In addition, SpareFare offers fraud protection to both buyers and sellers. This dramatically reduces the risk of transferring flights, hotel rooms and holidays to strangers by acting as an intermediary.

Can you really transfer a non-refundable reservation to someone else? Not many people know this but, yes, you can. In fact, there are safe and hassle-free processes of re-selling your unused travel reservation, like SpareFare’s platform! Over sixty airlines, from Ryanair to jetBlue, offer name changes on flight reservations for a low fee. And even better, all hotels allow name changes on reservations. This allows for travel reservations to be easily transferred over to a buyer. 

Refunding Airline tickets

Please be sure to check with your airline provider if they allow for name changes. You can check the list of airlines which allow name changes created by SpareFare, including a summary of the airlines’ fees and rules. Once you’ve confirmed that your airline allows for name changes, you may follow the process of transferring your airline ticket to the buyer!  Here’s how to sell your flight ticket to someone else for more details. 

Refunding Hotel Reservations

Did you know that all hotels allow name changes to reservations making it even easier to resell. If your reservation was made through an online booking agency, the name change can be done through the traveller’s online account. However, if the booking was made with the hotel directly, a simple phone call to the reception will suffice. Luckily, hotels do not charge for name changes on reservations. Please refer to our article on how to sell your hotel reservation

Refunding Holiday packages

Holiday packages are the most upsetting to let go of as they usually consist of hotels and flights at a high price tag. Luckily, with SpareFare, you are able to get some of your money back by posting it on our platform. Before you can list the package holiday on SpareFare, please be aware that you must speak to your travel agent in order to confirm whether or not you are able to change the name on the package and if they would charge you any transfer fees. Note: if the travel agent is based within the EU, then they have to give you the option to change the name on the reservation, by law. 


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