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My Day in San Francisco!

I love San Francisco. In my opinion is one of the most beautiful cities in North America. When I am visiting this city I love to start early because there is a lot to see. I have been to Alcatraz before so I don’t need to visit it again but If you have more than one day in this amazing city you should consider spending half a day there. Find tickets here. 

  1. Walk to Fisherman Wharf bright and early before the big tourist waves arrive and enjoy the view of the bay in the morning. Often the Golden Gate is still covered by the morning fog and this makes for a great photo opportunity. Walk from here to Ghirardelli Square. [booking_product_helper shortname=”post banner”]
  2. Catch the Cable Car to Union Square: if it is early enough the line to get on the cable car is still very small and the wait is not too long.
  3. Walk around Union Square: This area is great for a walk and window shopping. The stores are really high end and people watching is really fun.
  4. Grab a lunch in Chinatown: San Francisco Chinatown is the biggest in North America and it is a great place to get some authentic and delicious Chinese food.
  5. The Presidio: this massive park just below the Golden Gate offers some of the most iconic photo opportunity, I always love to spend some time here.
  6. If you are like me and you love photography Baker Beach is a stunning place to go. Especially at sunset the view of the bridge are amazing!
  7. Another great spot for photo taking is the Coit Tower on top of telegraph hill. The view of the city is quite stunning from there.
  8. Not too far from the tower you can see the famous Lombard Street with the twist and turns now just for pedestrians.
  9. I love the Embarcadero area to grab dinner and watch the boats an cruise ships leave the port.
  10. After dinner, if I feel I still have some energy, I love to go to Golden Gate View point for some night photos of the bridge.

Enjoy this great City!



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