The beautiful Pavarotti Theatre in Modena
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A Night at the Opera: Pavarotti Theatre in Modena, Italy

Last night, we spent the evening at the Luciano Pavarotti Municipal Theatre in Modena, Italy to watch an opera.

Opera ia a big part of Italian culture and in some area is incredibly popular. Modena has a long tradition of opera singers and performance.

Pavarotti Statue in front of the Pavarotti Theatre Modena
Pavarotti Theatre Modena, Pavarotti Statue

The Theatre opened in 1841. The Ducal Architect, Vincenzo Vandelli, designed this beautiful 19th-century theatre. the theatre is located right in the city center in the beautiful Corso Canal Grande.

Pavarotti Theatre Modena

In 2007, the city of Modena renamed it to the Luciano Pavarotti Municipal Theatre in honor of the late, world-famous tenor born in Modena.  Pavarotti performed at this theatre many times during his long career.

The Ducal box at the Pavarotti Theatre in Modena Italy
The boxes and the Ducal Box at the Pavarotti Theatre in Modena. At the top, the “Loggione” home of the true opera lovers.

Inside, the Pavarotti Theatre is quite beautiful and retains an old-world charm.  The theatre has 116 boxes on four levels.  Notably, in the center middle, you will find the Ducal Box.  Also, it’s the biggest box in the theatre.  On the 5th level is the “loggione” where the true opera lovers.  According to the true opera experts, the “loggione” is the place with the best acoustics.

Modena Italy has a long and significant history of opera lovers. For example, some of the most famous opera performers of the 20th century are from this city.   Notably, performers like Luciano Pavarotti, Mirella Freni, and Raina Kabaivnska have all performed here.  Furthermore, Modena is also home to one of the most prestigious opera schools in the world, the “Scuola Mirella Freni.”

Tosca at The Luciano Pavarotti Municipal Theatre

Last night’s performance was Tosca, by Giacomo Puccini.  The cast was excellent, with Ainhoa Arteta playing the leading role of Tosca.  She has a fantastic voice, powerful and warm, and a great charisma on stage.  Luciano Ganci, the tenor, played Cavaradossi.  His voice is quite good, and he was able to perform the main aria well. The baritone, Dario Solari, played a great Scarpia.  For example, his presence on stage was phenomenal. The conductor, Matteo Beltrami, conducted the orchestra quite well.

The stage was modern and charming.  And overall, the opera was phenomenal.  Also, we were fortunate to have a box on the second level all for ourselves.  So, it felt a little aristocratic.

If you are visiting Modena, consider spending a night at the Pavarotti Theatre it’s a magical experience you won’t forget.


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