Cruise Ship Stereotypes that are not true
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Ten Cruise Stereotypes That Are Not True!

If you haven’t cruised before, you might have heard some cruise stereotypes are just not true.  And unfortunately, they prevent folks from trying this fantastic way of vacationing.  Let’s try and debunk them together:

1. I’ll Get Bored! There’s Nothing To Do On a Cruise!

Let me be the first to say that you will not get bored on a cruise ship! Admittedly, one reason you might get bored on a cruise is if you decided to be bored.

One of the biggest complaints first-time cruisers have is that they didn’t have enough time to try everything while on their cruise!  There are lots of things to do on a cruise; it’s a stereotype that is just not true.  For example, you will find activities, shows, a health class that you can take, or games that you can play.  On top of that, if you pick a port-intensive itinerary, you will be in a different place almost every day.

Some new cruise ships have more activities to do onboard than a small resort. You see, it’s all about choosing the right cruise line for you. If you’re into rock climbing, water slides, flow ride, escape rooms, etc. you can look into Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, or MSC.  To be sure, every one of those cruise lines caters to an active, younger crowd making the boring stereotypes simply not true.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more peaceful and relaxing vacation, with some cultural lectures, focused on the port of calls, you should think about Princess, Celebrity or Holland America.

Not True Cruise Stereotypes - Ships in Cozumel. Cozumel is a fun port.
Ships in Cozumel, Caribean

2. I Don’t Like Eating on a Schedule or Sharing a Table With Strangers

There was a time when cruising required set dining, and to eat with other passengers.  Nowadays, this cruise stereotype is just not true any longer. For example, almost every cruise line has an option for any time dining.  And, while there are still some passengers that prefer a set time for dinner, it’s becoming more and more unusual.

Additionally, if you don’t like sharing the table with people you don’t know, you can ask to be sat on your table.  And generally, with no problems at all.  Also, the restaurant choices on cruise ships are becoming incredibly wide.  For example, pizzerias, burger joints, Asian restaurants, etc. are found most modern cruise ships.

Ultimate Balcony dinner on a cruise ship
Dinner on the balcony

3. Cruises Are Too Formal: The Uppity Stereotype That is Just Not True!

First, many cruise lines don’t require formal attire every night.  Modern dress code calls for a smart casual outfit for dinner. That’s it!  Also, While during the day or for breakfast and lunch, it is entirely casual. Admittedly, there are special nights when you’ll need to dress up a little, so think of it as a special occasion. Furthermore, there are some cruise lines where the formal night is wholly abolished (NCL).

To be sure, if formal night still isn’t for you, and you decide to cruise on a line that has formal nights, you can always find a dining venue on-board that doesn’t require formal wear. The buffets are casual.  Also, some specialty restaurants have a casual dress policy well.  Just check with the head waiter when you make the reservation.

Formal Night is fun and is not a true Stereotype on a Cruise
Formal Night

4. The Old People On a Cruise Stereotype – Not True!

Have you heard that only older people cruise?  The older people on a cruise stereotype is just not true as the average age for a cruiser is drastically decreasing.  Sure, there are cruise lines that attract a more mature clientele (Luxury cruise lines, for example). Also, longer cruises have more mature passengers because they are retired and can travel for more extended periods.

In contrast, cruises that are seven nights or shorter attract a much younger clientele. Similarly, cruises during school holidays attract younger parents with kids.  Also noteworthy, multigenerational holidays are becoming extremely popular among cruisers.

Main Pool on a Cruise Ship - Where's the old people stereotype now? Its just not true.
Main pool

5. Cruising is Way too Expensive!

Cruising is probably the type of vacation that gives you the best value for your money. While you might have heard this cruise stereotype, it’s just not true!  Did you know you can find cruises that cost as little $49.00 per person per night?  If you consider that you have all your food, your accommodation, and entrainment included in that fare, you do the math! If you want to read more on the topic, you can check this previous article.

6. There Are Too Many People on a Cruise Ship

Crowding is one of the biggest cruise stereotypes that is just not true.  First, take a look at your choice of a cruise ship.  If you book one of the new 5,000 passenger ships, then yes, it might get a bit crowded.  For that reason, you can book your cruise on a smaller ship, and have a fantastic time.  Likewise, I prefer smaller ships myself.  For example, I like the more intimate feeling of a smaller cruise ship, and I find that it is easier to meet new people there.

Secondly, modern cruise ships are built to feel spacious, and they always offer areas where they are generally not crowded.  Even on a 5,000 passenger cruise ship, you’ll find a lounge or a deck with very few people to relax and enjoy.

A fun time on a Cruise Repositioning from the Caribbean to Europe and a Stereotype that is not true
Stroll around the Ship

7. I Don’t Like Buffets / I Don’t Know If I’ll Like the Food

First, you don’t have to eat at the buffet at all if you don’t want to. The main dining room is generally open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  While many passengers have breakfast and lunch at the buffet, dinner is had almost always in the main dining room.  Secondly, there are many other food options on board.  Some are included, above all, the main dining room, and some are not.  For example, specialty restaurants often have a single cover charge or offer an a-la-carte menu.  Also, almost every cruise ship has a burger joint and/or a pizza place included in the fare.

Finally, consider that you can always order room service and enjoy a quiet meal in your room, or better yet, on your balcony if you have one!  Having breakfast on the balcony, a morning favorite,  and on Princess, room service is free!

Rick Having Pizza and Beer On a Cruise
Pizza on the Balcony

8. The “I Will Get Claustrophobic On a Cruise Ship” Stereotype

Similarly to point number 6, new ships get built to be spacious so that they don’t feel claustrophobic.  Even smaller ships get designed to be inviting, welcoming, and spacious. Furthermore, you will be off the ship in every port. Finally, if you think you might get claustrophobic, book a shorter cruise.

The Main Atrium

9. I’m Goin To Get Seasick

It is important to remember that, like airplanes, cruise ships get built with passengers’ comfort in mind.  For example, cruise ships get equipped with incredible stabilizers to contrast rough seas making this stereotype just not true – actually, its a thing of the past!

Secondly, seasickness is not that all that common.  Moreover, many people that do get seasick started their trip thinking that they would get seasick.  However, if you do think you’ll get seasick, you can read this previous article on how to avoid it.

10. There Are Too Many Illnesses on a Cruise Ship.

Disease outbreak on a ship (Norovirus, for example) is much rarer than you think.  Further, most of the time, the news makes it appear to be a bigger problem than it is. Ships have incredible health standards for sanitation and food preparation, making this cruise stereotype just not true.  Cruise ships get inspected very frequently. Here is the Cruise Lines International Association guideline.  Finally, think of a cruise ship as a big floating resort and think of how many times you got sick visiting a land resort.


I hope that these few points made you re-think about cruising and cruise stereotypes that are just not true.  So what are you waiting for? Try this fantastic way of traveling!


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