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Southeast Asia Bucket List Experience 2019

With our Southeast Asia Bucket List experience just a few weeks away, our travel preparation shifts into high gear.  Hotels and Air have been booked long ago. Our excursions are also booked as we are now tying loose ends before we depart.  My Thailand SIM card should arrive any day, as will the steady stream of Amazon purchases!

What started as a “Bucket List” adventure has developed into a full-fledged combination Bucket List – Beer Tourism extravaganza.  Our Southeast Asia Bucket List experience starts in Thailand, moves to Cambodia, then Phuket and finally Hong Kong before our return home.

Originally, our goal was to keep the focus on the many Bucket List opportunities the area has to offer.  On researching the destination, I discovered a beer culture that I could never imagine!  The beer culture is thriving, found everywhere including the remote areas of Cambodia.

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