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Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is a fantastic city! Unfortunately I only had limited time to spend there. I was able to visit few attraction that made me want to go back to this wonderful city!

1- Meiji Jingu Shrine:

This is a wonderful park in the Shibuya area of the city. The Shrine is quite stunning and I was particularly lucky to be there during a traditional wedding ceremony.

2- Shibuya scramble

This is probably the most famous pedestrian crossing in the world. The amount of people crossing is incredible and quite entertaining. This area is great for shopping and restaurants as well.

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3- Shinjuku

This is another great and busy area. Lots of shopping, restaurants and night clubs.

4-Asakusa and the Sensō-ji Temple

This was the area I loved the most of the all city. The street leading to the Temple has a wonderful market where it is possible to find traditional pastries, hand crafted chopsticks and traditional clothes. The Temple is incredibly beautiful and the Pagoda is a photographer dream. Lots of people walk around this area wearing traditional Japanese Kimonos.

5- Chiyoda City mane the Imperial Palace

This is another beautiful area of Tokyo. The gardens around the Palace are really beautiful. They can get crowded by tourist but it is still possible to find a little quite and peaceful corner to take photos.

6- Tokyo Tower

The area around the tower is full of souvenir stores and fast food restaurants. Overall this was my least favourite area of the city.

7- Mount Fuji

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to go to Mount Fuji but I was really lucky to be able to take a great photo of the Volcano from my plane!


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