how to make money on a roadtrip

How to Make Money on A Road Trip

Are you going on a road trip and wonder how you can make money at the same time? Look no further. This week, I’ll share some of my top tips for making money while on a road trip, regardless of whether you’re in a car, van, RV, or whatever! 

The best way to make money on a road trip is to find something that earns money online while you sleep. For example, you might have a blog that earns you money while you sleep. The second best way to make money on a road trip is to have a side job that you can do anywhere, for short periods.

If you dream of living your life as a digital nomad and going on a road trip for an indefinite period, you need to start with some money. The question is, how much?

For example, if you just drive around on your road trip, looking for deals and you’re on a budget, and live on dried pasta, all without doing anything else, you’ll run out of money before you come back. So, the key, my friends, is to make money while you’re on the road trip. And even better, the gold standard is to make money while you sleep!

Certainly, full-time travel has become a popular destination for many nomads around the world. To be sure, there is no reason why you should miss out. 

Choosing the right job for you and your lifestyle

There are many ways to travel to different places, depending on your schedule and interests. If you’re making money in a full-time long-distance job, commuting between different locations across the country isn’t a problem.  

Regardless, if you’re on a road trip, perhaps living in a van or RV and want to stay in one place for a few months during working hours, you have many options to make money. Whatever you do, to keep yourself both engaged and motivated, make sure you find a job that suits your interests and lifestyle.

How To Make Money on a Road Trip

road trip

You don’t have to save much if you can rely on having a steady income while on the road trip. To be sure, if you can both save and also work in your spare time. 

While traveling on a fixed income may seem daunting, I have compiled a list of ways you can enjoy an affordable road trip without putting the brakes on your career. Also, if the opportunity arises to earn an extra dollar, take the chance, whether it’s just to treat yourself to a meal or a special tour.  

Excitingly, you may even stumble across discounts or package deals you might have missed if you just set off spontaneously as soon as your wanderlust grips you. 

These days, many long-term vacationers finance their holidays through online professions. Also, many more even fund their adventures through these online professions. 

Jobs You Can Do Online to Fund Travel

Become a Freelancer

Popular freelance websites such as Upwork allow you to earn money in while on the road, and connect you with those who want to hire you. This type of mini-job can work for you if you already have a good job, such as a part-time job in a car dealership or even a full-time job in the automotive industry. 

Both Upwork and Fiverr allow you to create a profile describing your expertise and hourly rate, which you can then use to enter the jobs listed on the website. They work so well that anyone can advertise a job and you could get a pretty decent job.

At the same time, living in a van doesn’t mean you have to give up your 9-to-5 job. For example, you can on the road when outside the office and travel on weekends.

Sell what you know

Selling services is an ideal way to make money while on a road trip. For example, as a techie, you can trade your web-savvy for free hotel stays. Better yet, even get paid for them. One such way is to help set up the hotel’s wifi. Or, update content on the hotel’s website. Remember the travel blogging idea above?

Build & Host Websites

Build and sell websites on Fiverr. WordPress is super easy to install, and if you’re savvy, you can set up a template to make the process fast. Also, you can supercharge your income on a road trip by offering hosting to go along with it! Notably, this was the very first way I earned money online, and it’s still a good one! You can read about the whole story in my book!

Graphic / Logo Design 

Both Fiverr and Upwork have tons of jobs for those who want graphic or logo design. Like selling photos, its competitive. However, if you’ve got a flair for photoshop, there’s some money to be made.

How to Make Money on a Road Trip in an RV 

Many full-time RVers earn by lining up different jobs (camping, workamping, duties, etc.). If you’re using your personality and talents to make money while traveling in your motorhome or RV, consider seasonal jobs that tailor specifically to campers and nomads. 


Workamping jobs are in high demand and an excellent opportunity for those of you who are entrepreneurial. Also, suitable for those who aren’t tech-savvy.


Working in the hospitality industry also offers a secure, friendly, and excellent work experience. Indeed, you can go to any restaurant or hotel while on your road trip. Offer your services for a short time, perhaps as a waiter/waitress, or bellman. Also, you even have the opportunity to earn tips. 

Jobs You Can Do to Make Money From A Van (While you sleep)

making money in an rv while you sleep

Start a Vlog

You can create a van-life vlog, talk about your experiences, create product reviews, give tips for life on the go or conduct a product review. Also, if you publish on Youtube, and your Vlog gets popular, you can even start to get income from it! Some of the most popular Youtubers have been in excess of $10 MILLION dollars!

As long as your video and editing skills are up to date, you can make yourself available for freelance video work.

Start a Blog 

Blogging doesn’t cost a lot of money, but you have to take it seriously and invest time. Indeed, this is a perfect way to make money while you’re on a road trip – and live your dream life. 

Yes, blogs are still super popular. With a blog, you can sell advertising (Google ads, for example), or sponsored ads and posts. Yes, some people will pay you a fee to write a story about what they offer. For example, think of the last campground or hotel you stayed at. Perhaps you can write a review for them, and charge a small sum.

Alternatively, you can supercharge your blog income with affiliate marketing. Many low-level affiliate markets earn a living wage, without much effort, and that’s 24×7!

Earn Royalties – Makes you Money Around the Clock!

Indeed, many people work online to make money for road trips. For example, I’m one of them! I even wrote my Best-Selling Book, The Financially Independent Millennial, that talks all about it!

Writing for a website is one of the fastest ways to earn money on a road trip. Also, writing for websites will improve your writing skills and help you get a better sense of the country you’re traveling in. Best yet, you can then say, “I got paid to go on a road trip.” 

Use you RV as a Billboard

Consider turning your RV road trip into a rolling billboard, either for yourself or even for your family and friends in other parts of the world. 

As an example, if you write about your RV road trip or other travel adventures and share your best photos and videos of your adventure on social media, you can advertise your blog on your RV!

Alternatively, you can sell space on your RV for someone else! Perhaps you can even earn a monthly income from it!


If you’re in to photography, and have a decent collection of photos, consider selling them! For example, sites such as Adobe Stock, 500px, and Shutterstock. Bad news us, competition is fierce. The good news is, if you start this early and build up a collection, you can sell photos 24×7 and earn money while you sleep!  

In conclusion

On the road to success and happiness, many people question postponing a life of travel and experience until retirement. To me, it just doesn’t make sense. I’m known to live every day like it’s my last. Currently, I’ve visited more than 35 countries, and have been to some of the farthest places on earth. From the Alaskan glaciers to Antarctica, Andrea and I make money on the road, wherever we go.

Technology has enabled us to live and work pretty much anywhere.

If you need to make money while on a road trip, consider something you are good at, even if you have no idea it will work. One of the best things about making money to live your dreams is being unique, creative and always trying to improve.


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  1. Thank you for the article, very inspiring.
    While travelling, I have had trouble finding work online because of the competitive market, safe communications and networking issues.
    Maybe researching and reviewing existing online solutions can help, or making a new solution for travellers globally.
    Hope we can find better solutions (website/app/portal) for global communication, transaction and collaboration.
    Thanks again. Happy travels.

    Best wishes.
    Emil Theodore

  2. Hi Rick! Those are some great ideas to make money. I was thinking about selling our travel pics. And after reading your blog, I am motivated to try this more.

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