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Best way to go to Venice Italy

Do you want to know what are the best ways to go to Venice? In this article we will tell you the best way to go to Venice Italy.

So you are planning a trip to Italy and you want to visit Venice but you don’t know how to get there? Well today we will tell you all the different ways for you to reach Venice, and which one is the easiest.

Let’s begin with Flying

Marco Polo Airport

Venice has one main airport called Venezia Marco Polo. The airport is located on the mainland and it is served by the major European airlines, and some low cost airlines. There are flight from every major European and Italian  city to the Marco Polo airport. Also there are non-stop flight to Dubai, Istanbul and Tel Aviv. 

Flying is probably one of the best way to go to Venice Italy, but once you reach the airport you need to know how to reach the city center.

Venice also has a secondary airport Treviso that is mostly served by low cost airlines.

The Marco Polo airport It is located on the mainland and it is very well connected to the city by Vaporetto (Venice public transit). You can buy vaporetto tickets at the automatic machines at the terminal, or online. From the airport there are 2 vaporetto lines, the orange line and the blue line.

Venice Vaporetto

The Vaporetto orange line takes you to several stops in the city center such as Fondamenta Nuove, San Marco, the Rialto bridge and the train station.

The blue line of the Vaporetto connects Marco Polo Airport to the island of Murano, the island of Lido, San Marco soiree and the train station. 

Using the Vaporetto is probably the most convenient and cheapest way to reach the city center from the airport. At the time of publishing this article a one way ticket costs €15 while a return costs €27 per person.

The Vaporettos run from 5am to 12:20am. From the airport to the Rialto station it takes approximately one hour. You can find up to date pricing and timetable in this link.

Another option to reach Venice from the Marco Polo airport is by water taxi. This is a private boat that takes you right at your hotel. It is the most convenient way to reach your hotel from the airport but it is also the most expensive. At the time publishing this article this option will cost you minimum €130 per boat. 

Venice water taxi

Also a bus takes you from the airport to Piazza Roma, the main parking lot for Venice in about 20 minutes. At the time of publishing this article this option will cost you about €8 per person. From Piazza Roma you will need to take the Vaporetto, a water taxi or walk to the city center.

Lastly you can take a bus to Venezia Mestre train station and than take the train from Mestre to Venezia Santa Lucia in the city center. This is probably the least convenient way to reach Venice from the marco Polo Airport.

Treviso Airport

The Treviso Airport is located near the city of Treviso (famous for the Prosecco) and it is about 41km north west of Venice. This airport is mostly served by low cost and charter airlines. 

To get to Venice from Treviso you can use the bus that takes you to Piazza Roma and it costs €12 at the time of publishing this article.

Also you can take a public bus to the Treviso train station and from there the train to Venezia Santa Lucia. Prices vary according to the time of the day and the class of service.

Lastly you can take a taxi to Piazza Roma that will take about 40 minutes and the price is by the taximeter.

The second option to reach Venice is 


The train is probably the second best way to go to Venice Italy. By train you can arrive right in the city center, making it even more convenient than flying. But you need to know how.

Venice is very well connected by train from every major Italian City. In  particular, it is really well connected from Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. The main train station in Venice is Santa Lucia right on the grand Canal.

Venezia Santa Lucia Train Station

This train station is walking distance to the Rialto Bridge of Piazza San Marco. In front of it there are also several vaporetto stations that can reach pretty much every area of the city.

By the way if you want to see what attraction you can find near Venezia Santa Lucia check out this video. 

Venice also has another train station in the Mestre area on the mainland. This is not the correct station if you are planning on visiting the city.

From the Venezia Mestre station to Santa Lucia on the grand Canal you can take a local train that reaches the city center in about 10 minutes.

Moving on to the next best way to reach Venice is:

By car

Driving is probably not the best way to go to Venice Italy, because there are no cars in Venice.

The only place in Venice city center that you can reach by car is Piazza Roma that is connected to the mainland by a very long bridge. In Piazza Roma you’ll find several huge parking where you have to leave your car. 

From Piazza Roma you can take the Vaporetto to every main area of the city. The parking lots in Piazza Roma are expensive, At the time of publishing this article the price for a car is €45 for 24 hours.

Also if you are planning on driving to Venice we strongly recommend to book the parking in advance because the sell out quickly during peak season.

During peak season it is also not uncommon to have big traffic jam on the bridge that connects Venice to the mainland. For this reason we suggest you arrive early in the morning if you are planning on driving to Venice. This is especially important during the busiest months.

Another option for driving to Venice is to book a parking on the mainland. These are generally cheaper and often they offer shuttle service to Piazza Roma. If you choose this option it is also important that you book he parking in advance because they are easily sold out.

Last option in our list for the best way to go to Venice is:

Bus and tour bus

There are several bus companies that connect major Italian and European cities to Venice. Unfortunately most of these buses do not go to the city center. They stop at the Mestre train station. From there you will need to take the local train to Venezia Santa Lucia. 

Another option to go to Venice  is to use an all inclusive tour bus. With this option the tour company takes care of everything for you, transportation, the hotel and the transfers. It is probably the easiest way to reach Venice but it is the least flexible.

We hope that this article will help you to explore the amazing city of Venice, if you have any question please leave a comment below, we love to hear from you.

Happy travel.

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