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Why I love Cruising! And Everything Else About It

Its no secret – people ask me, “Why do I love cruising,” and other related questions, like:

“Why do I like cruising so much?”

“What is it about cruising that you like?”

“Don’t you get bored on a boat?”

Isn’t cruising just for old people?

Here are my reasons why I love cruising. I hope you enjoy and maybe give the cruise a try.

Convenience is Cruising!

I love cruising because I only need to unpack and pack once! Yes, the hotel travels with me, and I wake up in a different port every day.  And I love that.  I love the fact that once I am on-board, I don’t have to worry about taking other transportation. On top of that, there is no need to worry about going through another airport security line.  Instead, I enjoy my nights onboard, knowing that the following day, I will be visiting a new port!

Visit Multiple Destinations in One Shot

Cruising is the only way I can visit many destinations in a short period.  For example, in Europe and Asia, many of the most important cities are on the ocean.  As a result, cruising makes it the perfect way to visit many different places without spending an incredible amount of time taking various modes of transportation. Furthermore, while cruising, I can have fun on-board and enjoying the fantastic food.

A couple of years ago, we took a cruise to South East Asia. First, we were able to visit six countries in only 19 days.  You see, it was only possible because we were sailing during the night while sleeping. Second, we didn’t have to deal with multiple customs and immigration checks. The cruise line took care of that for us behind the scenes.  And perhaps most importantly, we only had to pack/unpack our suitcases once!  How cool!

Currency and Language

I only have to worry about one language and one currency. Onboard, the language is English, and the currency is the US dollar. Familiarity makes the experience of traveling so much easier.  To be sure, some countries like Vietnam and Thailand use their currencies.  As a result, withdrawing small amounts of money from the ATM is easy when merchants don’t take credit cards or USD.

Cruising is Super Safe

I love cruising because it’s incredibly safe!  For example, even if you decide to cruise to a not so safe destination, you always go back on board at night. On top of that, if an area becomes unsafe, the cruise line changes the port and goes somewhere else.

Furthermore, the security onboard is excellent. Even if you don’t notice any security guards, they are discreetly watching, making sure that passenger’s safety is guaranteed.

When Cruising, I Love the Food

The food is amazing. To be sure, sometimes it feels a little too much, hahaha ? On top of that, I can eat 24 hours a day.  For example, I can go and grab something to eat at any time of the day or night.  You see, there is always a venue on board that serves food.  Also, if I am feeling lazy, I can order room service, and I’ll have food delivered to me in no time.  Pizza in bed?  No problem!  Where else can you get that?

Most importantly, the quality of food is usually phenomenal. Perfectly prepared and served. Lastly, the selection is fantastic. Nowadays, cruise ships offer a wide variety of different cuisines, from Italian to French, Asian, Southern-style BBQ, etc. you name it!

Best dessert at sea! Princess Cruises Norman Love Pistachio Dome

Cruising is Very Cost-efficient!

Cruising is almost all-inclusive. In the cruise fare, I have my accommodation, my meals, my shows, and my transportation.  Then, once onboard, the only things I need to worry about are my drinks, specialty restaurants, excursions, gratuities, and the occasional spa treatment!

Compared to a land vacation, cruising is usually a much more cost-efficient way of traveling. Lastly, I love the fact that I can book a great vacation putting down only a small deposit that is, most of the time, completely refundable.

Onboard, I’m Never Bored

There is always something to do onboard, to the point that sometimes I like to sit by the pool and do nothing!  My day can be as busy as I want it to be. For example, on sea days, I can fill up my day with activities. On the other hand, I can decide to do absolutely nothing and just lounge. It is totally up to me.

In general, I love the entertainment and the activities onboard. I also really enjoy some of the lectures. As an example, when we did our 21 days Panama Canal cruise, every day, there were great lectures about the history of the Canal. Similarly, in Alaska, I sincerely enjoyed the speech about the Gold Rush era.

I Love that Cruising is Very Social

Cruising is a great way to meet new people.  For instance, being confined to a floating resort makes it very easy to socialize with your fellow cruiser. Most of the time, some folks share my passion for traveling, and I love to keep in touch even after I return home.

Cruising: Only Way To See Certain Places

Some destinations can only be reached by boat. For example, in Alaska, some of the most majestic glaciers can only be viewed by boat. You can’t say you have visited Alaska without having seen Glacier Bay, National Park.  To be sure, cruising is one of the only ways to see Glacier Bay and its one of the top reasons why I love it!  On top of that, not every cruise line is allowed in Glacier Bay. So, when booking an Alaska Cruise, make sure that Glacier Bay is in the itinerary.

Antarctica is another destination that can only be seen by boat.  For example, we just came back from an Antarctica and South America cruise, you can read all about it in my article about that adventure!

Last, I Love to be on The Ocean!

I love cruising on the ocean and genuinely enjoy sitting on a chair and admiring the waves.  And then, listening to the noise of the sea!  Most importantly, when I am on the ocean, I feel relaxed and disconnected from the rest of the world.  Finally, I love the sense of freedom that only cruising can give me!

I hope you enjoyed my notes about cruising.  Please leave a note and let me know.


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