New Price! Villa San Martino – For Sale In the Italian Apennines

My family has a Villa for Sale in Italy and has asked me to post this here.

Could this be your new “Under the Tuscan Sun” project?  Well, its not Tuscany, but very close!

Our charming villa has been in my family for generations.  Additionally, following a lengthy probate process, (Its a long one in Italy), it is now for sale. It is in the heart of the Appennino Tosco Emiliano, is located close by to the city of Modena, and the province of Tuscany and built in the beginning of the last century on a hill overlooking the River Po valley.

Use it as intended as a summer home (To beat the heat!) or live it in year-round.  Also, there is one of my most favorite Parmesean factories nearby!  Additionally, you will also find some of the best Italy Food just a short drive away.

Interior Photos and Features in this Villa

This villa has a large kitchen, dining room, living room, 1 bathroom (up) and four large bedrooms.

Villa Location/Misc

San Martino di Polinago – Modena Italy

This is the website of the Commune/Municipality is here: http://www.comune.polinago.mo.it/

This is the local elementary school: http://www.comprensivolama.edu.it/aaa/pages/page_details.php?page_id=1

Additionally, there is a school bus offered from San Martino.  And, it just needs to be arranged!  It seems they are pretty organized 🙂

According to Telecom Italia (https://www.tim.it/verifica-copertura) , there is ADSL available.  Enter commune: Polinago (MO)   Indrizzio: V. San Martino and Civico: 62

Lastly, the home has not been lived in more than ten years.  Of course, for a villa that is for sale in this area of Italy, it is fairly priced (at the lower end of the scale).  Surely, it does need some cosmetic work, in addition to a bathroom restoration.  You will find it has good “bones” and is in generally good condition.

Offers considered around €45,000

Request Information Packet

View from the Villa For Sale in Italy Located in the Italian Apennines
Outside of the Property

View from San Martino Villa

A great Travel Book for Northern Italy!

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  1. We are interested.

    What are the dimensions of the villa and each room.

    What is the dimension of the land?


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