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Must Have Gadgets To Bring On A Cruise In 2021

Are you wondering about the latest cruise gadgets to bring in 2020?  Indeed, this is our list of stuff we bring every time we get on a cruise ship.  For 2020, we have added a few extra items, one of which was a surprise, and inserted it in our first spot.

Let me share them with you:

Disinfecting Wipes

While technically not a gadget, this is our first suggestion, in light of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, I will add one of these to my bag for the foreseeable future.  Lysol disinfecting wipes claim to kill 99.9% of Viruses & Bacteria.  As a result, we are recommending picking up a pack of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes to sanitize those surfaces you use most.

lysol disinfecting wipes for cruise ship surfaces

Power Converter Cruise Gadget w/4 Port USB Hub

When I cruise, I find myself always bringing my iPhone, iPad, camera, GoPro, and my laptop.  Indeed, those are a LOT of devices to charge at night.  Also, charging all this technology is difficult as there are generally just a few power outlets in the cruise cabin.

Solution: I discovered this perfect little cruise gadget: A Power Converter with 4 Port USB Hub. The power converter converts power plugs from every country, and also features a four-port USB hub so I can recharge multiple devices at once! How convenient! This little tool is light, small, and it is incredibly handy in hotels and cruises all over the world.

Power Converter and 4 port USB Hub Cruise Gadget to Bring

Battery Operated LED Tea Lights

Picture it.  Its the middle of the night, and you need to get up and use the washroom.  Then, you face a problem.  Do you turn on the light?  Or not?  To be sure, both the cabin and the bathroom can be dark at night.  Especially, for example, if you have an inside cabin. Also, finding a light switch might not be so easy.

Solution: We discovered that LED tea lights are perfect for keeping the bathroom lit up, just enough. Also, they are inexpensive on Amazon.  For example, they cost around a dollar each, and the battery lasts about two weeks.  Indeed, we turn these little tea lights in the bathroom at night, just before bed, and the problem is solved. Trust me. LED tea lights are a must-have cruise gadget to bring!

LED lights
Dollar Store LED lights

Boca Clips: Our Favorite Cruise Gadgets to Bring On Board!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to spend a lot of time by the pool when I cruise, but sometimes the wind is strong, and the beach towel tends to fly away. One time I saw someone on a ship using these funny clips to hold the towel that looked like pink flamingos! I was, “I gotta have those!” Well, a short search online, and I was able to find all sorts of clips that are perfect for the job and stylish in a cheesy kind of way! Now I will not board a ship without those.

Boca Clips used at a beach or on a cruise ship

Magnetic Clips Or Fridge Magnets

Cruiseship cabins are not huge; we all know that. Keeping them tidy is essential. Also, maybe you did not know this, but the cabin’s walls are metal. For this reason, you can use magnetic clips to hang many items on the walls.

Magnetic clips are inexpensive. For example, a pack of 12 costs less than $15.00, and they will save you a lot of room in your cabin.  Indeed, we won’t cruise without these gadgets anymore!  Of course, if you are well on your way, you could also use those fridge magnets you’ve been buying at each port.  To be sure, you get to use the cruise gifts as gadgets to help organize your cabin!
Regardless of what you use, fridge magnets or magnetic clips make help you store all the invitations, photos, and other papers you will get on your cruise. To be sure, we love fridge magnets since they are perfect for the job, and at the end of the trip, they make for a great gift!

Air Freshener

Cabins can get a little stuffy, especially inside and window cabins.  By accident, we discovered that a small air freshener could make the room much more inviting.  For example, we love lemon-scented air fresheners as it brightens the room.  Of course, the specific scent is totally up to you.

Air Freshener

SleepKeeper – Your Ultimate Pillow Bag

Have you dreamt about taking your pillow on-board your cruise?  If so, this little cruise gadget is for you!  The SleepKeeper is an invention from Australia that allows you to insert your pillow into this easy to use pillow bag.  Then, you roll your pillow and fasten it using the velcro strips.  With the SleepKeeper, your pillow stays clean while you travel to your cruise ship.  Further, it is compact, lightweight, and super portable, making it a must-have for those who want to cruise with their pillow!

skeepkeeper package

skeepkeeper infographic

Velcro Shoe Organizers

It is not a secret that closet space in a cruise cabin is minimal. For this reason, keeping the closet organized is imperative. We discovered a cruise gadget that you can bring and solves the problem.  To be sure, its the velcro foldable shoe organizer does a fantastic job in the cabin closet!  Then, once folded up, it takes almost no space in your bag.shoe organizer

Other Gadgets We Always Keep In Our Cruise Bag

I have to admit I have a carry on at home with all the above gadgets. Indeed, they are always ready to go at any time. In the carry on, I keep a few other things that, in my opinion, are a must-have!
1. A corkscrew: many cruise lines allow you to bring a bottle of wine per person per voyage.  Unfortunately, the challenge is to have a corkscrew delivered to our cabin. For this reason, we always pack a decent one with us.
2. Several lanyards: I like to keep my cruise card on my neck at all times; that way, I don’t lose it. In my carry-on, I have several lanyards that I got for free by entering trivia. And I use them over and over again.
3. A foldable backpack: these are really cheap and incredibly handy! We use them to go to the beach or the pool. We bring them in port with us etc. Once folded, they take no room at all.
4. Plastic rain ponchos: it happened to us,  several times, to get ready for an excursion and it started raining. (Especially during our South East Asian Cruise) I have to admit those inexpensive ponchos saved the day and, most importantly, my camera!
5. Sewing Kit:  Picture it, it’s formal night, and you need to replace a button?  Fear not!  The sewing kit will come to your rescue! On top of that, you can get them free at your hotel!

Did I forget to mention anything?  What are your favorite must-have gadgets for a cruise?

Happy Cruising

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  1. Excellent suggestions, we pack several of these! Besides power cords, chargers and a corkscrew the wall magnets are brilliant!

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