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Borghetto di Valeggio Sul Mincio, Verona, Italy

The little village of Borghetto, near Valeggio Sul Mincio in the Verona Area of Italy is one of the most charming village of northern Italy. The little town is on the banks of the river Mincio where the old fourteenth century bridge crosses the river. The Medieval castle of Valeggio towers over the village.

The town has few little restaurants where old water mills used to be. One of the old mills is still running near the old medieval tower. It is a perfect spot to have lunch on the river watching the swans and the ducks swimming near by.

From the old bridge the view of the village is remarkable.

The hills nearby are full of vines and you will find many great wineries in the area to taste the world famous white wine of the Garda region (Custoza and Lugana are the main white wines).

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