Astoria-Megler Bridge, Astoria OR
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Astoria and Cannon Beach Oregon,

Astoria and Cannon Beach are incredibly beautiful, both jewels of the Pacific North West. I’ve visited both several times whenever Astoria was a port on a cruise.

Astoria, Oregon

Astoria is famous for a few reasons, mainly the setting of the 1985 smash hit movie, The Goonies.

Further, Astoria sits at the border between Oregon and Washington states separated by the Columbia River confluence in the Pacific Ocean.

The town is a beautiful weekend destination in the Pacific North West. Also, it is rich in Pioneer history.  Notably, you will find the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.

In Downtown Astoria, the Flavel House Museum is a must-see. The museum was originally Captain George Flavel’s house, preserved in its original state.  Second, and just across the street, you can see the Oregon Film Museum.  The museum was used in the movie The Goonies as a set for the prison.  Also, the Liberty Theatre is worth a visit.

And finally, after a pleasant stroll, consider that Astoria has an excellent microbrewery scene for the people interested in craft beer.

For Those Feeling Like Doing a Little Hike

While visiting Astoria, you can climb up the Astoria Column.  From the top, the view is quite remarkable.

Driving from Astoria to Cannon Beach, Oregon

Thinking of driving from Astoria to Cannon Beach?  No problem, it’s easy!

In case you need a car, you can rent one in Astoria for a few hours, or longer.

You can drive from Astoria to Cannon Beach in about 40 mins.  Further, the shortest route is by driving southbound on the US-101.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Once you reach the town of Cannon Beach, you’ll be mesmerized by its beauty.

Cannon Beach is known for its long sandy beaches and large rock formations sticking out of the ocean.  Here, you will find that Cannon Beach is popular with surfers due to the enormous waves of the Pacific Ocean.

As you see, driving from Astoria to Cannon Beach is an excellent idea.

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