Revealing the Adriatic: Mesmerizing Places to Explore

When you think of the Adriatic coast, images of picturesque Mediterranean cities, fabulous sandy beaches, and breathtaking mountains are one of the first things that spring to mind. With a centuries-long history, this glorious coast is home to a number of monuments from medieval times as well as some of the oldest town walls that act as charming gifts to the coastal visitors and sea-lovers who come here looking to satisfy their wanderlust.

Regardless of the type of traveler you are, the Adriatic coast boasts an amazing number of places and activities to be enjoyed, and it definitely has something for everyone. Below, we present to you some of the most mesmerizing places you should visit when exploring “the pearl of the Adriatic”.

Split, Croatia

Split Croatia in the Adriatic sea

Situated in the central Dalmatia region, Split is home to some of the most wondrous beaches as well as some breathtaking monuments from the 4th century. Some of the most popular examples include the Diocletian’s Palace built for the Roman emperor Diocletian as well as the remarkable ruins of the town Salona, both of which are incredibly powerful in transporting you back in time and are available year round to tourists.

This second-largest city in Croatia is also known for its vibrant and exciting nightlife thanks to a number of music and cultural festivals that take place there, with Ultra Europe being one of the most popular music festivals held in Split during summer.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Now we move to the south end of Croatia above the Adriatic sea where the wonderful city of Dubrovnik is situated. Founded in the 7th century, this culturally and historically rich city has found its spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List thanks to the Old Town of Dubrovnik (built in the 13th century) and the well-preserved remains.

Once a capital of the Republic of Ragusa, this coastal town offers a lengthy list of amazing sightseeing spots for tourists, some of the most popular attractions being the street of Stradun, Lovrijenac and St. John’s forts, and Srđ hill. Dubrovnik also has its airport – Ćilipi – and it’s well-connected both with other Croatian cities and European ones. It’s one of the top destinations in the world and definitely the most popular city and tourist destination in Croatia.

Tivat, Montenegro

Moving on to Croatia’s neighboring country, Montenegro is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor lovers in the Balkans. At the southwest of this beautiful country, at the Bay of Kotor, lies the sunny town of Tivat. A town that reputedly got its name after the Illyrian queen Teuta, Tivat is a small town known for some of the most luxurious marina and stylish apartment blocks that are bound to leave you in awe when you first visit this place.

If you decide to get a vacation property, there are a plethora of stunning houses you can buy in the Tivat bay of Montenegro and head back to whenever you feel like revisiting this popular part of the Adriatic coast. That way, you can explore all the amazing wonders Tivat has to offer – from breathtaking beaches at Plavi Horizonti to the authentic Gornja Lastva village.

Puglia, Italy

Puglia in the Adriatic

When we think of Italy, we often think of tourist-favorite destinations such as Tuscany. But for those of us who’d like to escape the tourist crowds, Puglia is just the right spot to head to and experience a slice of Italy. With a mesmerizing Adriatic coast and tranquil turquoise beaches as hallmarks, Puglia is home to luscious forests and hills that make for scenic and breathtaking landscapes you can enjoy while cycling.

A great alternative to Sicily, Venice, and Verona which are deemed the most popular post-lockdown travel places to visit, Puglia offers the laid-back vibe and slow pace of life that many of us feel drawn to, especially now after months of lockdowns and other COVID-19 restrictions. Head to a secluded beach, get immersed in the wonderfully enchanting Puglia piazzas, or marvel at the beauty of ancient towns and the mesmerizing architecture of the churches – Puglia offers everything an Italophile can wish for.

Çorovodë, Albania

If you’re drawn to a destination that offers untouched nature and a plethora of wonders waiting to be discovered, then Albania could be just what you need to add to your travel bucket list. With a lengthy coastline, amazing hiking trails to the Albanian Alps, and small but incredibly charming towns such as Çorovodë, Albania is full of amazing places to see and enriching experiences to immerse yourself in.
If you’re an outdoor lover, you’ll enjoy visiting places such as the Osumi Canyon and Bogove waterfall that you can tour together or separately, admiring the amazing scenery and interesting local wildlife.

There are also full-day Canyon trips where you can try your hand at rafting, but you can book a private tour as well. The tour guide will ensure you get an amazing insight into religion and history of this area, while the pleasant Mediterranean weather will make the tours even more enjoyable.

Wrapping up

The Adriatic coast is full of exciting places begging to be enjoyed, and this list is the perfect example of this. Keep this list in mind when planning your trip to the Adriatic coast, and you can rest assured you will be setting yourself up for a truly memorable travel experience.

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