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What To See And Do in Singapore

Are you planning a trip to Singapore and wondering what to see and do?  To be sure, Singapore is an amazing City State on the Southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula. It has an enormous port that is both modern and incredibly beautiful. Also, food makes an essential part of the local culture. Be sure to r while exploring this fantastic city.

We arrived in Singapore during our South East Asian Cruise onboard the Sapphire Princess. Singapore was one of the ports of call and ultimately the final destination of our cruise.

The Subway

Singapore is a great city to explore. The subway system is fantastic. For example, you can go pretty much in every single corner of the city-state cleanly and efficiently. The trains are Air Conditioned, which is very important in a city so close to the equator.

Line to the subway

The train has an ingenious system to get on and off. In fact, on the ground, there are lines for people to wait and stepping in the trains.


Singapore Chinatown is quite big and exciting to visit. Indeed, it was our first stop during our visit. We loved walking around the streets in Chinatown and check the different stores and markets.

In Chinatown, The Buddha Tooth Relic temple is worth a visit.  Also, the Sri Mariamman Indian Temple is a perfect spot to take photos. To be sure, we spent quite some time taking pictures of this colorful temple.

National Gallery Singapore

The National Gallery was initially the Supreme Court of Singapore. Now it has been restored, and it is the biggest museum of Art in the city.

The Victoria Concert Hall

The Victoria Concert Hall was built in 1862 by the British and, in 1905, was dedicated to Queen Victoria. Also, it is the home of the Symphonic Orchestra of Singapore.

Asian Civilisation Museum

Asian Civilisation Museum

This museum has more than 1600 artifacts of the different Asian civilizations. The building was originally the main Court House of Singapore, and it was builtin 1867 by the prisoner of the local jail.

The Raffles Hotel

The Raffles hotel is a National Monument. The hotel got constructed in 1887, in colonial style with white walls and red roofs. Some of the most famous clients of the hotel were Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jackson. The hotel is the perfect place to stop for a drink. People say it’s the birthplace of the Singapore Sling Cocktail.

Shopping On Orchard Road

Plaza Singapura

Orchard Road is the shopping heart of the city. Alongside the beautiful sidewalks, you can find some of the most prestigious shopping malls in the city. One of the most famous ones is the Plaza Singapura restored in 1990.

Singapore’s Little India

The Indian Immigrants founded the Little India area in the second half of 1800. It is a beautiful place to walk around, experience some incredible Indian food, and explore some of the fantastic Indu temples. The area is quite fun for shopping as well.

Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple

The most famous, and most important Hindu temple in the area is the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. This vast complex got built-in 1854 and dedicated to God Visnu.

Garden By the Bay

This Garden by the Bay is another iconic landmark of the city that’s worth a stop. It is located near the ocean, not far from Marina Bay. It hosts more than 250,000 different species of plans. At night you can admire a great light and music show in the gardens.

Sim Lim Square

If you are looking to buy electronics, this giant shopping mall is your place. Here you can find hundreds of stores selling the most innovative gadgets and electronics.

Sentosa Island

This island is a great place to have fun In Singapore.  Sentosa Island is a great amusement park with attractions like Universal Studios, the Aquarium, bungee jump, beaches, and waterparks, etc. It can be reached easily from HarbourFront metro station by the Sentosa Express monorail.

Singapore is incredibly famous for its food scene. Singapore offers many incredible restaurants and the renowned Hawker centers where you can taste the best of South Asia street food. We decided to have a separate article to cover this integral part of Singapore culture.

Singapore is a very safe and clean city. Almost everyone speaks English, making it very easy to communicate. The local currency is the Singapore Dollar, but most establishments take credit cards. As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the best way to get around is by subway. It is clean, fast, affordable, and incredibly clean.

Taxis are also available, but they are expensive.

Singapore is only 80km away from the equator; for this reason, the temperature during the day can raise a lot, making walking around a bit challenging. Fortunately, malls and stores have incredible AC systems that keep us fresh.

One of my favorite way to explore a new city is using the Hop On Hop Off bus. This Bus takes to all the most famous attractions in a city, and you can then decide if you want to get off or stay on board.

I hope that this article inspired you to travel to this beautiful city. Let me know what you think in the comment below.


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