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Munich, Germany

Munich is a beautiful city to visit and enjoy. It has a great mix of old and modern. The center of the city revolves around Marienplatz and it is alive with many people, shopping, eating and drinking beer. Just around the corner from Marienplatz there is a great market that offers German and Bavarian specialties.

A trip to Munich must include a nice stroll in the English Garden (Englisher Garten) where people go to enjoy a stroll, or in summer sunbathing. A must see are the surfer at the Eisbachwelle, at the southern tip of the park.


The old Royal Palace, The Residenz, it is a beautiful palace to visit, it is quite massive and it takes about 2 hours to visit all the rooms. Definitely include the visit at the Royal Treasure while at the palace.

Few minutes outside the center there is another stunning Palace, the Nymphemburg with the surrounding gardens.

While visiting the city the a must try are the many breweries. The most famous are the  Hofbrauhous, the Paulaner and the Franziscaner. The Hofbrauhaus can be really really busy and it might be difficult to find a spot to sit at the communal tables. It is advisable to get there early.

If you are visiting the city at Christmas time you must go and visit Neuschwanstein, and the Markets. They are hosted in Munich for more than 600 years and they offer a great variety of food, sweets, Christmas decorations and gifts ideas.


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