Photo Bomb Rick And Andrea on Segways
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How We Take Our Funniest Travel Photos!

It’s no secret, Andrea and I love to travel a lot.  We also take tons of photos, tens of thousands actually – each year.  Andrea travels with him and is usually the one ready to take my crazy poses.

But how do we get those most “memorable” shots?  Let’s dig in.

The Perfect Camera

This is a question we get asked all the time!  What’s the best camera I should use?  The answer is simpler than you think…. it’s the one you have with you all the time!  Now, while I consider myself intelligent enough (shameful I know) to use a DSLR, really, I’m not passionate about using them.  Thankfully Andrea is!  As for me, I use my iPhone.  Yep.  They work consistently well, and I’m able to grab the funniest photos in less than a second!

Rick helping the Locals Bring sand up the stairs at Batu Caves

Always Make Friends With the Local Donkey

Yup.  Some animals just make you smile more than others!  And by all means, we’ve seen enough cat pictures!  I mean, if you ever see a donkey, don’t be afraid to give it a little cuddle… how CUTE 😉

Andrea cuddling a donkey

Tricks of the Trade

While we tend to take a lot of “perfectly framed” shots – i.e. the Eiffel Tower, The Colosseum, a little photoshop work can help make the photo a little more fun!  This does require a little technical skill, and we almost always know someone who can help with that.

As for props, ask a gelato vendor for a 45 cent cone!

Altered photo of Rick at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Da Photo Bomb!

I’ll admit it – I’m usually the one doing the photo bombing!  And for as long as I can remember, I think it was only once that someone got really angry at me for doing it.  And then this happened… will always remember this day visiting Rome via Segway Tour!

Photo Bomb Rick And Andrea on Segways
Things to do in Rome

Try New Things

Somewhere in Asia, we were dying for something cold.  The closest thing we could find was cold coffee, but it was from a bag!  Never heard of it.  Spoiler: It was delicious, photo check!

Andrea drinking coffee from a bag

Don’t be Afraid to Help Out a Friend

Just like at the wonderous Batu Caves, don’t hesitate to help out a friend.  Here in Hoi An, I got to sell fruit for a little while.  Actually, I just wanted to give the nice lady a break.  Boy that cart was heavy!

Rick Helping the Local Street Vendors in Vietnam

Keep The Memories Alive

Lastly, consider keeping the memories alive with a Photo Book.  They look great on the coffee table and make an even better gift!

I hope you find some inspiration to capture those moments that you’ll remember forever!

Happy Travelling!

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