This is day two of our weekend in Venice without tourists, and we decided to visit the islands of Burano and Murano. These islands in the Venetian Lagoon are easily reached by public transit called Vaporetto, the Venetian equivalent to a public bus.

Burano – Without Tourists

We caught the Vaporetto number 12 from “Fondamenta Nove” that took us to Burano in about an hour. It was a very pleasant ride on a nice and sunny morning. Then, after arriving on Burano, we started our exploration without any tourists around! Notably, the first thing we noticed is the many colorful houses along the canals. The view is quite special and was happy to get it on video. Every house is different with vibrant colors that were stunning in the sun. Secondly, the island is famous for the hand made lace. These intricate pieces of work are hand made and world-famous. Unfortunately, we did not see how they are made because all the lace shops were closed.

After exploring the canals of Burano, we crossed a little wooden bridge to the next island of Mazorbo, also without tourists. Then, on that island, we were able to see the vegetable gardens and the wines that make the local wine.

Murano- Without Tourists

After visiting Burano, we caught the Vaporetto again to explore the other little island of Murano, again without tourists. Indeed, Murano is world-famous for glass making. We visited Murano in the past but never without any tourists. First, we decided to stop for a bite to eat and a glass of local prosecco. We rested and recharged before starting our exploration.

Like Burano, Murano is quite small and it is easy to walk around, with or without tourists. It is not as picturesque as Burano however has some really pretty canals and views.

First, we wanted to find a glass factory to take a video of the artisanal glass blowing. However, it turned out to be more difficult than usual. Most of the factories were closed. Therefore we walked around the island. Lastly, we were able to find one place open to the public to visit and film the artisanal glassmaking before making our way back to Venice.