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BeerQuest 2018 “Prague”

The Play Harder Tours “BeerQuest 2018 Munich to Prague” trip is just a few months away. Dates are set, air and accommodations have been booked, all that’s left is a bit of fine-tuning. Within 2 months of our trip, we will book tours with local guides, buy train tickets and make reservations for special things we might want to do. The trip runs 16 days including our 2 departure days. We bookended the trip with 5 nights in both Munich and Prague, sandwiched in between are 2 nights each in Hallstatt Austria and Cesky Krumlov. Beer-centric travelers will love this trip with both Munich and Prague being 5-star beer-centric travel destinations, and Hallstatt and Cesky Krumlov both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The fourth and final leg of our journey starts with a noon pickup from our Cesky Krumlov rental by the CK Shuttle. With a cost of under $50 per person, you can’t beat the price and convenience of a private car with a travel time of about 2 1/2 hours.

Our next stop is Prague, The Czech Republic’s capital city and our #1 Beer-Centric destination in Europe. Located on the Vltava river in central Bohemia in the heart of Central Europe with a population of over 1.3 million. The historic center of Prague makes the UNESCO World Heritage Site list with its 1100 year history on display. Just like Cesky Krumlov, the Vltava river bisects the old city center. On the east bank, you’ll find the Old Town (Stare Mesto) with its Old Town Square, the New Town (Nove Mesto) built around Wenceslas Square, and the Jewish Quarter (Josefov). On the west bank is the Lesser Quarter (Mala Strana) which leads to Prague Castle, the worlds largest medieval castle complex.   [Click here for complete article]

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