Bologna Italy is a very easy city to explore and today we created a video of Bologna without tourists.

Stops in our Video Tour

Our Tour of Bologna Italy without tourists starts in via Indipendenza one of the main shopping street in the city. Next, we stop at “La Finestrella” a little window where you can still see one of Bologna Italy’s old canals.

The Tour of Bologna without tourists continues to via Ugo Bassi and then to the two towers. Bologna Italy is also called “The City of the Two Towers”. We climb the tallest tower of Bologna, Torre Degli Asinelli. From the top of the tower, you have an incredible 360 view of Bologna.

The next stop on our Tour of Bologna Italy without tourists is Piazza Maggiore and the Fountain of Neptune. Indeed, Piazza Maggiore is the Heart of Bologna. We describe the naughty optical illusion that can be seen from the “Stone o Shame!”. After that, we visit the main Cathedral of Bologna, the Duomo of San Petronio with the famous sundial.

After we left the Duomo, we walked to the nearby Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio. To be sure, this was the old building of the University of Bologna. Incredibly, Bologna University is the oldest university in the world, founded in 1088. In this ornate building, we looked at the old Anatomy lab and the magnificent staircase.

Bologna Italy is world-famous for its food that is consider some of the best in the world. To be sure, no tour of Bologna without tourists would be complete without a stroll in the Mercato di Mezzo with its many restaurants, food stores, and bars.

The next stop of our Bologna Italy Tour without tourists is the medieval part of the city around the seven churches. In this area, you can still see many buildings with perfectly preserved medieval architecture. Finally, we hope you enjoy our tour of Bologna Italy and it inspires you to visit this great city.

Video of Bologna, Italy without Tourists